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Hi All,

The homepage of Instructables gets a big makeover today, you may have noticed!

If you're logged out, you'll continue to see the same rotator with huge, beautiful images that you know and love.

If you're logged in, you're going to see your customized feed (if available) or "top picks" (if not).

Top picks are the same projects that appear on the logged-out version of the homepage, so if it's the variety of fun projects that keeps you coming for more, there should be nothing lost.

We've had terrific feedback on the "feed" related features -- people love the personalization of Instructables, and come back for more when we're able to show them exactly what they came for in the first place. Now, we're dialing it to 11.

We know the homepage is a big driver of traffic for many new projects, so there may be concerns that projects on the homepage will get fewer views. We don't anticipate this will be substantial, since most visitors to the homepage are logged out.

We hope you like it!

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makendo1 year ago

Hi Phil. I've noticed that recent changes have resulted in low pixel count images being blown up to full size. This is OK for still images - no reason not to upload large files - but for gifs there is a decent argument for making them small for file size reasons. Taking a small gif and enlarging it looks bad, e.g. https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Kubb-set/. Can you make an exception to your new rule for gifs?

pseaton (author)  makendo1 year ago

We have always reprocessed images to make sure they appear at a resolution that is context appropriate. In the case of this GIF we're using the MEDIUM size image, which is aspect-fit inside a 620px square. The Image displays at 600px wide, so that's a pretty good fit. None of this is new, it's always been the case.

The original file in this case ("ORIGINAL", the one you uploaded to us) was 329x253px -- see https://www.instructables.com/file/FXNZ7YVIBA6XGAE/

I assume that was a judgment call you made to prevent the GIF from being too large in terms of file size?

I should note that we recently discovered and fixed a bug where images over a certain pixel dimension or MB size would not be reprocessed as animated. Ie, if the image started as a 10mb file measuring full HD resolution, the ANIMATED sizes would not be created. NOTE: This is still pending release -- should go out next week. Until then, you can work around it by uploading that image from /upload (rather than through the editor) and finding it in your image library.

Does that help?

Yes, a 600 px gif is 4x bigger than a 300 px one, so making it load faster was a priority. It used to be the case that this image appeared as a smaller one (329 px wide) below the 600 px wide cover image. The aspect-stretching is new (at least in Windows 8/latest Chrome). It's not a huge problem - I can always install it using in-line html so it looks as I want it to - but I thought it was a design choice that overlooked the possibility that image 2 of 2 might be a small gif.

I think it looks fine. No one expects gifs to be masterpieces. I think it would look weird if it were small.

DA201 year ago

My instructables account was connected to my facebook account, but I cannot see the option to login using facebook anymore. Even if I enter my email account associated with facebook, I get an error message saying email not found. I had to create a new account to get in, and as a result, lost all of my favourited instructables and other things I had on here. Has anyone else faced a similar issue or knows a way to work around it?

pseaton (author)  DA201 year ago

We haven't changed our Facebook support recently. Please write to service@instructables.com if you have trouble logging in. Include information about which web browser you're using, and clear steps we can follow to reproduce what you're seeing. Make sure to be clear about the difference between expected behavior and observed behavior while reporting bugs. Please bear in mind that our native Android and iOS apps are no longer supported, and we recommend using the mobile website if you're on your phone.

Kiteman DA201 year ago

You need to send an email to service@instructables.com.

Include as much information as you can - username, Facebook account you used etc - and they will do their best to fix it for you.

Madouc441 year ago

Could we have "Recent posts" as a customizable stable option to have it as my default first page, please? Instead of constantly having to go reach and reset it.
(sorry for bad English :flower: )

switch621 year ago

Is it possible to have the option of the old home page when logged in?

I actually like the old home page.

I got to see the latest featured 'ibles on one page, nice "let's make" banner that I click on when it shows something interesting, scroll to the bottom to see current contests and get to site info and resources when needed.

As I check out the instructables site at least 4 to 5 times a day, I like to get a quick view of everything. If I want (have time) to go deeper I just use the "All" buttons or do a search.

I'm not a fan of the new logged in home page. It's very plain, unexciting and not very useful to me.

The "recommended for you" strip does nothing but set which channels you get in your feed. I don't use the feed as I don't want to see every 'ible in every selected channel. Having it appear when in "Top Picks" is annoying and useless.

To see anything else I need to click the explore button and then click further.

I appreciate that the design team put a lot of effort into the new home page but I find the old one suited my needs better. Surely its not that hard to have a setting that allows a choice. Or even better have a default home page and then allow the members (Pro?) to customise their home page.

If I don't have the choice, I guess I'll have to stay logged out until I need to do something that requires login.

offseid1 year ago

I miss the logged out homepage. I do not use the feed. I wish there was an option in our Settings where we can choose which version we see!

Just my two cents. :)

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