Login troubles

I have recently noticed a change in the behavior of Firefox (10.0.1) on my Ubuntu 11.04 system. "Normally," meaning a few weeks ago, when I first opened the Instructables home page I would select a subject, click on the link and go to that page in a new tab.  I have set preferences to put all the instructions on one page for me, but to to this I need to be logged in.In the upper right corner of my browser window is a link "log in." I clicked the log in link and was (normally) able to see all the pages on one page... but now, when I click the log in button I am taken away from the page I am trying to see, logged in, but not taken back to the page I have chosen. Here is a screenshot of the unwanted destination:

p.s. minor nuisance... but a bug is a bug! Thanks!

Picture of Login troubles
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Kiteman5 years ago
Agreed - my home computers are all set to log in automatically, but any time I log in manually after hitting the login button at the top of the page, I get redirected to the Submit page.


If I am not logged in and hit the "reply" or "comment" buttons, then I get a log-in pop-up, and stay at that page after logging in.
stringstretcher (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I got quick results after posting about the glitch! The very next day it stopped occurring. Now it works as before :) Hope yours does, too! Kites? Me, too. Single line, cool stuff. Ever fly a laser show on one? Mail me!
Not so much now - mainly it's making single liners with classes, now.

Always keep a Flexifoil Stacker 6 & Proteam 8 in the boot, though, in case we end up near a flat, windy beach.
stringstretcher (author) 5 years ago
Today, my computer logged me in correctly!! Maybe it fixed itself :)
mikeasaurus5 years ago
I noticed the same thing about a week ago and submitted a bug report for it. Thanks!