Long Range Locators Metal Detector

I'm Looking to build of long range locators for search gold. Please help me with an idea to pick which is a good kind of instructables match for device-search coil/ antenna, transceiver, frequency meter/ counter, vibration, light led, radar, and gps. I'm looking to forward hearing from  someone as soon as possible...!!!

Kiteman2 years ago

As far as I am aware, no detector differentiates between metals, though ferrous metals give a much stronger signal than non-ferrous metals, for obvious reasons.

The range of a metal detector is limited more by the size of the detected item than anything else - you make a really sensitive metal detector, you're going to be digging up a lot of rusty scraps as their ferrous nature masks any local gold dust or nuggets. Make it too sensitive, and you will be picking up signals from your own zips, keys etc before you even place the detector on the ground.

The only time a metal detector makes sense on a gold hunt is if you are searching a tourist beach for dropped jewellery, and an ordinary detector will do that.

If you are hunting "native" gold - nuggets and dust - then your best bet is a physical hunt, digging through the dirt and panning the debris, searching with your eyes for that elusive glint.

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