Long time no talk

Hey guys, or whoever is reading this and even slightly cares.  I haven't made a gun in a really long time, and I haven't really responded to the last 300-400 comments.  Now that it's the holiday break, I'm going to have a lot more spare time.  So this is what I feel like doing, making a new gun.  I want your ideas for it, because I'm really not that creative..  So what do you guys want me to make?

Also add me on Xbox Live; TH3 BR0WN B0Y.  The "0's" are zeros.

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MotaBoi (author) 6 years ago
I'm thinking of doing a HK G11. The mechanism is really cool and I already have a basic idea of how I can make it work! :)
what about your ps3???
MotaBoi (author)  Fred the Penguin6 years ago
I kinda stopped playing on it..
We got a projector so we put the PS3 in the basement and only really use it for movies now because of Bluray
DJ Radio7 years ago
Ima add you, I got a new xbox today.
MotaBoi (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Ok, what's yours?
Mine= TheFoofinator (I don't have Black Ops but I have Reach and play it a lot)
Knarez DJ Radio6 years ago
Do you have black ops yo?
DJ Radio Knarez6 years ago
pffff I wish.
~KGB~7 years ago
make a decent AUG.
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