Look at all the Foam!!!!

Today we started mfr for our new HPV!

Due to a miscalculation... We have 15 EXTRA sheets of foam. That's about $210 worth of EXTRA foam! No one ever thought to take in to account that more than one cross section could fit on one piece of foam....

The section below was the most funny - my immediate reaction to putting it on was a Squid! And look at all that foam in/on the truck!

Here's More Info

Picture of Look at all the Foam!!!!
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Goodhart9 years ago
HPV, oh human powered vehicle. You had me scared for a moment, I thought you were somehow referring to Human Papillomavirus *sigh*
trebuchet03 (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
That's the newbie HPV indoctrination -- go search google for HPV, bring us back some pictures :p As we're in college, everyone gets the joke before :p But, I still have a lovely photo collection of HPVs :p Like this pretty one...
Um, the very first 2 pages of pictures of HPV are all pictures of the STD effects on their respective organs they attack. The first two pictures were not pretty. Finally, on page 4 I got this image
your joking right......?? 4 pages of stds? why didnt you just type human powered vehical. oh wait, youd be looking at cars, humans and power stations.
Well, no I wasn't, since at first I typed HPV to find out what it referred to....and thus, I came up with the "wrong" answer, but searched further knowing they were not promoting the creation of the hpv std ;-)
I thought so too!
I was also confused.
KentsOkay9 years ago
Cool! Curses, curses! I thought you were going to show a DIY foam party...