Look what happened to the home-page!

Have you seen what they've done to the home page?

This is cool - I don't (didn't) normally use the front page, but now that it can show me the recent work of the authors I follow, or just the channels I'm interested in, I'm suddenly interested in it.

Kudos to the Development Team!

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pseaton1 year ago

Good news or bad news here, depending on your perspective: we collected opinions from a bunch of sources and decided that overall, people seem to prefer the rotator homepage. The feed will continue to be available (the top option in your "you" dropdown in the top right corner of the screen), but we're going to go back to showing the large images and rotator on the homepage. Should go out in the next week or so.

To those who asked for it -- you're welcome!

To those who liked our experiment -- sorry, but please do visit your feed frequently!

pseaton1 year ago

Couple little changes went out today that it sounds like everyone in the thread will appreciate:

- The footer has been removed from the logged-in version of the homepage. It was never meant to be there, since the homepage now uses infinite scroll.

- When you select "top picks", the choice will be remembered. This is device-specific, so you'll need to hit it once per device.

- The homepage now uses the right image size, so your carefully-cropped cover images will be displayed edge-to-edge, accommodating any text or other details you may have towards the sides, tops, or bottoms of your images.

The projects in "top picks" should be the exact same as the ones on the logged-out version of the homepage (that's unchanged).

I like that it remembers the choice.

And also the Infinite Scroll.

Yes, I know Top Picks is the same as Featured. But the rest of the old home page is gone.
The "recommended for you" strip does nothing but set which channels you get in your feed. I don't use the feed as I don't want to see every 'ible in every selected channel.
To see anything else I need to click the explore button and then click further.
The banner on the old home page would show me interesting pictures that would send me to 'ibles I wouldn't normally search for.
I appreciate that the design team put a lot of effort into the new home page but I find the old one suited my needs better. Surely its not that hard to have a setting that allows a choice. Or even better have a default home page and then allow the members (Pro?) to customise their home page.

And it laaaa(loading)aaaaa(loading)aaaaaags

I like the older version more....

Also, the people that spent their time making an awesome 'Ible, Don't get their appreciation from getting featured on the homepage...

switch621 year ago

Is it possible to have the option of the old home page when logged in?

I actually like the old home page.

I got to see the latest featured 'ibles on one page,

nice banner that I click on when it shows something interesting,

scroll to the bottom to see current contests and get to site info and resources when needed.

As I check out the instructables site at least 4 to 5 times a day, I like to get a quick view of everything. If I want (have time) to go deeper I just use the "All" buttons or do a search.

I don't like the new logged in home page. It's very plain, unexciting and not very useful to me.

If I don't have the choice, I guess I'll have to stay logged out until I need to do something that requires login

Kiteman (author)  switch621 year ago

That's what the "Top Picks" option is for.

Yonatan241 year ago

Sorry, I don't like the new update :(

I just like to see the 'Ibles that were featured on the Homepage, Nothing more...

Yes, I noticed this when the site went down for a bit and came back new and shiny last night.

These are reasons I feel totally the opposite:

The "Let's Make" banner is pretty. I like seeing it upon going to the homepage.

I don't follow that many people, so my feed doesn't update that often.

I want to see new projects by all members. Perhaps I'll find new people to follow.

I want more than my limited number of followers to see my homepage-worthy new projects.

Having the feed more easily accessible is cool, but I would prefer the default on the slider button to be all featured ibles instead of your feed, or perhaps there could be a setting in your account for this preference.

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