Looking for New Zealand-based Instructables authors for conference on August 27 in Wellington

I will be presenting via teleconference at FAB8: The Eighth International Fab Lab Forum and Symposium on Digital Fabrication in Wellington, New Zealand on 2012-08-27.  I'm looking for some local authors to join me, and help speak about Instructables.  

If you will be in Wellington and can attend, please let me know!  

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manuka5 years ago
Good choice! Wellington city is just across the harbour from my Eastbourne home, & I'd certainly be open to both involvement & perhaps - modest cough- a few words! Stan. (Career educator)
veloboy5 years ago
Sounds great. I'll be in Wellington on the day - I'd be happy to attend. Let me know if you still need someone and what's required.
adamazing5 years ago
I'm based in Nelson and would love to go but I'll be in the UK on the 27th! :)
ll.135 years ago
Keen, always need an excuse to go for a roadtrip, I just need to convince the other half...
pixelbrid5 years ago
I am in Christchurch, have been looking at it but I though it was just for academics. I would like to come up at least for the Symposium if its not too expensive. Instructables has been a major influence & source of encouragement on what I do (eTextiles, kit business, teaching kids electronics) & I am always plugging you to people :)
nzqwack5 years ago
Shame is in the small town of Wellington rather than the City of Auckland -
joerice015 years ago
I would love to if you were coming to Auckland at all.
SparkItUp5 years ago
Looks like a good lineup of speakers and activities! I'm in Auckland too, but could teleconference in or possibly fly down. I also have to wholeheartedly agree that you should make the trip here in the flesh - there's nothing like it!
pipe425 years ago
I'm in Wellngton and may be able to attend. Can you send me more information about what you have in mind?
cutshopguy5 years ago
Cool. I'd love to meet Eric - but really, New Zealand is so much more appealing in the real than as a virtual destination. Eric, you owe it to yourself to visit Godzone in the flesh. Put it on your bucket list. I'm in Auckland, but if I can score a cheap air ticket I'll try to get there.
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