Looking for a Birthday present for my bf connected to the modern technologies

Hi, guys!
Can you suggest any presents options for my bf 31-st Birthday? He's into modern technology and I run out of the ideas, He already has too many devices :)  I want it to be something simple and interesting at the same time. He's already got VR headset just in case :)

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Mary_Shum (author) 7 months ago

So I found a really nice Decathlon bike computer (as he talked of bike computers recently) https://www.decathlon.co.uk/edge-25-ant-bluetooth-gps-cycle-computer-id_8357656.html
and a postcard with an AR video attached :) I uploaded my congrats to him there, kinda cool! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNDKgnyzQaI
Hopefully, he would love it :)

Kiteman7 months ago

Something to organise all his cables & chargers?

A technology-free activity (take him for a walk or a meal somewhere romantic).

Go retro - what was his favourite cartoon as a kid? Get a lunchbox with that theme.

Mary_Shum (author)  Kiteman7 months ago

Hah :) Lunchbox sounds like fun :) He loved Beavis and Butt-head, I'll check if there is some stuff with them :) Actually I may buy him a couple of small presents, that all would be cute and personalized. Thanks fot the suggestion!

Kiteman Mary_Shum7 months ago

Personal always trumps expensive!

Yonatan247 months ago

Can you give examples of more things that he has so we can understand more what he likes?

Mary_Shum (author)  Yonatan247 months ago

He loves all the new devices, mobile phones, computers and sound systems, some companies even send him their new stuff to test. He is also a big fan of VR and visits different events and conferences, connected to this subject. So, basically, he buys everything he needs himself and I can't really follow all his wishes. I just want to make a sign of appreciation, that would show my respect to his interests :)

Ask him!

I would prefer getting something I like, over something I don't like as much as a surprise... :)

I think that if you don't ask him, you'll get him something he doesn't really need.

Mary_Shum (author)  Yonatan247 months ago

Then it wouldn't be a surprise :)