Looking for a Google Wave Invite for a friend?

So, if anyone has a google wave invite, let me know, and I can go about sorting my friend out with it. Thanks!

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 I have 25 invites if anyone is interested - just PM me

=SMART=8 years ago
Gmjhowe do you have access to wave ?

i have 8 invites to give out what is your email address?

if you have google wave please tell me you have it.

if you do please tell me your google wave address to add you in my contacts.

so wanna wave with me?
Chromatica8 years ago
like a myspace or facebook
PKM Chromatica8 years ago
God, I hope not. As far as I can tell it's meant to be a multi-purpose collaboration tool that lets you make documents with several people working on them at once, blending instant messenging and content management systems. As far as I know, it's going to be nothing like myspace. If angsty teenagers take it over and start filling it with autoplaying metal music, terrible poetry and stupid things that change your mouse pointer, I'm going to... be unhappy.
Don't worry, it won't be metal music...It will be Hannah Montana, The fail broz,(As DJ would say) Linkin Park, just abut every rapper, and Justen Bieber.
Chromatica PKM8 years ago
then i wont use it p.s. Im listening to papa roach, and my mouse is a pretty little smiley face:- )
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can anyone invite james@jamesm.com.au to google wave
yay i have an invite who wants one? when i receeve my invites to give ou i wil send to the first 3.
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