Looking for some Lathable Aluminum/a cheap "the real cotton candy machine" toyish machine....

Hey everyone, as you may or may not know, I've made the only homemade and documented cotton candy machine on the entire webbernets. Now, I'm back, WITH A VENGEANCE..... kind of... I'm looking for a place where I can get a cheap 6" round bar of 4.5-5" diameter aluminum, for Cotton Candy Machine: Mark III (The prototype was Mark I) I'm also looking for one of those cruddy 30 second cotton candy makers that you used to see on the T.V. ads all the time. I really need a better solution for the heating element problem. ANY help/aid is greatly appreciated!! Yours Truly, -The Muffinator

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westfw10 years ago
Stuff about this size appears on eBay. Anything that big in diameter isn't going to be cheap, though. Here's a 5 x 6 piece that'll only set you back about $50.
bowakowa10 years ago
Might try using using the paint can furnace instructable and some aluminum drink cans to pour your own part.
T3h_Muffinator (author)  bowakowa10 years ago
Hmm... It sounds like a good idea, but there are two problems with it. 1. I still needs aluminum. 2. I'm afraid that while smelting the aluminum, it will oxidize and become much, much weaker. I'm going to lose mass in smelting it, and therefore need even more aluminum. I'll think about it, though.
I actually meant using the cans for material. I have successfully made a few ingots after scraping dross that were pretty tough, I can tell ya. I've heard maybe about 5% shrinkage, but don't know enough to verify. As for pouring, it sounds like a simple part with an open mold, I tried to be a bit too ambitious my first couple of outings and will be trying some simpler parts next go round myself.
T3h_Muffinator (author)  bowakowa10 years ago
Ohhhhh... use the cans for the material?? I think I'm going to need A TON of cans. I guess I could try it, though ;) Good luck on your projects, and could I see some pics of your past projects?
No pics at the moment since I have been unsuccessful at pouring. Like I said, too ambitious. My cup was too small to accept the material and it cooled there without filling the mold. As for the cans, I keep a container in my living room and over a few months have filled about 10 large garbage bags. I would think you would need about 40-50 cans for the dimensions you stated. Have a party and let your friends help you out?
bowakowa bowakowa10 years ago
Btw, I just looked at your profile and found you're still in high school, so let me clarify that I mean soda cans at your party. Cheers.
T3h_Muffinator (author)  bowakowa10 years ago
HAHA okie =)

I think I'm going to melt the aluminum into a cylinder and try to machine it.

I hope I'll be able to pour it, though.

Good luck on your pouring!
Good luck on yours! Make sure to wear full protection! I basically wear motorcycle gear when I do it, total coverage, full face helmet, full leather jacket, heavy leather boots, and heavy leather gloves, wish I had chaps, but I wear jeans, and even that makes me kinda nervous. I don't really even wanna imagine what molten metal does to flesh.
A ton of aluminium? That's going to be some bad-ass machine!
But seriously, might you be able to cast a rough blank, then machine-it?
Otherwise, I don't know...

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