Looking for video game design team.

Hello. I'm looking for some individuals with at least a small amount of experience to start a group make 3D games on the unity engine. I would like to mostly make RPG shooters or RPG fantasy games. 

What do we need:
Coders- c#, Python or Java.
Level design - Done in unity
Modelers - Pretty much anything will work.
Anything else you think we need.

Level of experience needed: Very low, You just need to know basically what your doing. 

If your interested or have questions just reply to this and ill try to get back to you as quickly as i can.

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NicolasZ101 year ago

Hey, i have develop my own strategy

multiplayer game, i know how hard can be to start a project and most
importantly to finish it, i have intermediate knowledge of c# and JS, i have
experience using Unity engines and i know what is it like to make your own game
from scratches. I would love to hear more about your project.

you can contact me at nicolaszuain3@hotmail.com

Would you at all need a script/story writer? I've been writing for some time and am currently writing the dialog and story of an indie game I one day hope will see the light of day.


twilightfox2 years ago

Get up get down

Alcadior2 years ago
I know basic Java I'm a level designer voice actor and I can do a little bit of modeling
you can contact me at Ideath96@gmail.com
shizukat2 years ago

You may need voice actors if you want voices

shizukat2 years ago

I can help create levels for the game and help with the script


I can write a script/story for the game. email is frechettelive@hotmail.com

I have a 3D, Triple A Game Design: Utopia. suzie@ciscoprint.com

csbiltz3 years ago

I could help out with modeling let me know csbiltz08@gmail.com

nancyjohns3 years ago

hey guys, check out the topic my public minecraft server. I will openit sometime today. :)

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