Looking to hire LED programmer, where can I find them?

Hello fellow Instructable members! I'm working on a project and need to hire someone who is knows about LEDs and programming them to do things very similar to Daft Punks helmets. I am preferably looking for somebody within the New York area. Also if you have work that you have done already please send me links or examples of your work this will help greatly. If you are interested in this job please reply to this post or even if you have places I can call or any suggestions of where I can find such a person any information will be incredibly appreciated. I am ideally looking to complete this project by mid-January. Thanks so much! Coco

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westfw9 years ago
This showed up on hack-a-day:
Sandisk1duo9 years ago

you don't have to pay ME
I can probably guide you through the process

What do you want done?
try to explain in great detail, and with pictures
Cocasm (author)  Sandisk1duo9 years ago
So here's a rough sketch of the project. The grey scale rainbow will be in color and represents the pattern of colors I'd like to scroll across the front. All LED lights would be all facing outward I presume. I've never used LEDs nor do I know what to buy and where to start putting things together so any information you could share would be awesome. I'm not sure how easy it is for you to actually walk me through the process, like I said I'm a newbie! Also as far as where all the wires go I'm totally fine with having a backpack or bag attached to the glasses to wear and could just run them behind the person wearing them.
westfw Cocasm9 years ago
Wanting multiple colors significantly complicates matters. But it's smaller than the helmet overall, so that simplifies matters. And if you only want diagonal bands, that simplfies things as well. Looks like about 8 "bands" with a minimum of 3*1 in each band, so minimum of 24 "superflux" RGB LEDs and three times that many drivers (72) to handle the three chips in each (set of) LEDs.

You realize that it's extremely unlikely that you'll be able to see much though the back of thing?
Cocasm (author)  westfw9 years ago
Totally realize that. The person I'm making it for doesn't mind not seeing clearly as long as he can at least get a vague sense of where he is. He won't be walking around with it or anything that needs an incredible amount of vision but he doesn't want to be completely blinded either. what are drivers? And could this be something a novice like myself can do??
Cocasm (author)  Sandisk1duo9 years ago
Wait here's the pic... sorry bout that!
LED glasses.jpg
westfw9 years ago
They appear to have been commissioned from a company called "ledeffects", which has since been absorbed into more mainstream companies, at a cost of abour $14,000 each. Later (after they were done) the set was apparently sold for about $65k (!) The combination of electronics, costuming, and composites fabrication skills involved looks pretty daunting... Here are some links with info:


Perhaps you need to be a lot clearer on how fancy a helmet you're looking for, and how much you're willing to pay. My first thought is that the more complex helmets would need not a person, but a company, in order to have something done by mid-january. (But then, I'm old and conservative and do the "multiply by 2 and convert to the next higher unit" thing rather automatically these days.)
Cocasm (author)  westfw9 years ago
Thanks for the links westfw! I'm completely new to this so actually doing it myself seems a bit intimidating. I don't even know where I should start as far as materials, let alone hooking it all up. It's not so much a helmet than a pair of glasses. I'll post a rough sketch of what im looking to do in a few.
I bet if someone locked me in a room for a month with the materials I could build one, yet that doesn't seem like the case, does it? ;) I'm assuming they charlieplexed all of the LEDs, since each LED uses 3 feet of wiring...
"Three feet of wire per LED" probably means that space is tight in the actual helmet, and the main electronics is all in a rather ugly and bulky backpack that is mostly hidden by skilled performing and photography... (the "making of" piece pretty much says as much...)
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