Lots of Drinking straws

My mom threw away a bag of drinking straws (about 200-300 left) , they are wraped in paper, any ideas on what to do with them for a new Instructable or something. PS: took the picture last year and had nothing to do with it

Picture of  Lots of Drinking straws
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You can sell them to other people dear. Then you can also use them for table decoration in birthday parties, wedding, events, functions etc.
Goodhart5 years ago
with a balloon, one can make a "make shift voice box" with a modified drinking straw.
cute pic!
flashj6 years ago
I was thinking about some sort of wind turbine or other powered device. I have about 50 bendy straws. They are kinda a use one and throw away thing, so I have a steady supply coming in. Arranged in a pinwheel so that one is always into the wind like a paddleboat wheel? Just off the top of my head. Not sue what to do with the air when it gets to the center... Maybe glue them to a paper plate and sandwich a bunch on a central pole. Thinking about stuffing them into the end of a pipe splayed out in all directions see what comes out the other end. With water you might try a variation of a drip irrigator? Just my 2 cents and 30 seconds.
whatsisface10 years ago
You could try taping them all together, and seeing how faraway from the can you can drink a can of Cola from.
I would use water , it could be messy! :D
Kiteman10 years ago
Build stuff.

Bridges, towers, cranes, figures.

Make several hundred small kites.

Try recreating a Jansen Strandbeest in miniature:

Basically, be creative
dombeef Kiteman7 years ago
 That would be very cool to see a mini strandbeest!! (I see an instructable coming on...)
dombeef dombeef7 years ago
 Here is a leg picture i found
. What is the motive force for this thing? Are those windmills on the ends?
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