Low-cost hearing aid for someone old

I know an old person--well, okay, my mom--who refuses to wear an in-ear hearing aid, even though she clearly needs it. For whatever reasons, she thinks its too expensive/too invasive/doesn't want to be bothered, even though Medicaid would probably pay for it etc. Not wanting to be reduced to shouting like I'm on an aircraft deck, I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions as to some sort of inexpensive amplifying device I could rig from some some more or less readily available parts. I'm envisioning something like the old style opera glasses on a long handle, though of course this device would be held to the ear (maybe like the old fashioned ear trumpet come to think of it). This way it wouldn't be too much of a hassle for her. I'm suggesting this arrangement rather than headphones of some sort, which again would isolate her (visually) from the rest of the folks at the old age home. If she could just hold something to her ear when she wanted to hear/converse and then drop it when she doesn't want to be clued in...well, that might be the way to proceed. As usual, low-cost design wins, as I don't have that much to spend. Thanks!

Dano312 (author) 9 years ago
Thanks Alan. I didn't know of this company/product at all. This looks like a great solution, and is a lot cheaper than anything I've seen. This will help! Dan
alancasey9 years ago
I'm an old fart and needed hearing help without any help from my health insurance. After a little study, I found the Walker's Game Ear. Get two (one for each side) and pop another $100 to get custom earpieces formed for your Mom. Here is the deal - It's a hearing aid, but because it is marketed to help hunters hear approaching game it is not so highly regulated (hence the low cost). Takes regular hearing aid batteries. My clients don't know that it's not the real thing. Works great!