Low cost house building ideas?

Hi Forum. My wife and I have just purchased a piece of land. It was a stretch but the plan is to check out of the rat race once and for all. What we are looking for is ideas, plans, resources, links etc for a DIY home that won't require a mortgage from hell. Any and all ideas greatly appreciated. Also interested in looking at prefab as an option.



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There are some great ideas for building smaller homes without the help of contractors. All aspects of the construction are here at this site:
Picture 195.jpgintromerge0116.jpgintromerge0126.jpgintromerge0136.jpg
Lurker6 years ago
If you're going back to the earth, go back to the earth. Try rammed earth or earth bag construction. It's labor intensive but materials can usually be found on site and you can start small and expand as the need arises. But most importantly it's inexpensive or as they say "dirt cheap". You might also consider cob and straw bales. Adobe is probably a bad idea for southern France.
muddywaters (author)  Lurker6 years ago
Thanks! Are there any resources you are aware of that I could use to build my knowledge of the techniques?
durgan8197 years ago
I agree with the idea of avoiding the huge mortgage. I would recommend you look at slipform masonry, cordwood building, shipping container building and maybe grain silo houses. I would eventually love to do a huge underground house/bunker using shipping containers. They do not cost very much when bought used but they require preparation like anything else and they can come in an insulated variety.

Good Luck
muddywaters (author)  durgan8197 years ago
Thank you Durgan
CrLz7 years ago

I read an article in the Arizona Republic which detailed many American companies doing contemporary PreFab designs.

I posted the links as another forum post "MODpreFAB", maybe some of these will be useful for your search.  The website busyboo had posts with European companies.
muddywaters (author)  CrLz7 years ago
CrLz7 years ago
BTW: The Instructables member Michelle Kaufman creates modern PreFab homes!
lemonie7 years ago
I've passed 2 site offices for sale, cheap, ugly, but they'll go on the back of a truck and can be modified.

Kiteman7 years ago
Have you thought of building an Earthship?

Early ones were ugly, but more recent versions are quite attractive.

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