Low-tech fireworks in China

Out in Naunquan, China the villagers use molten iron to celebrate instead of fireworks. The tradition dates back some 500 years when the blacksmiths of the day couldn't afford fireworks and did this instead. While there's only one color to work with, the effect is pretty stunning and a lot more in-your-face without, you know, melting your face off if you don't get too close.

via Gizmodo

Picture of Low-tech fireworks in China
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Ferrite8 years ago
That's sick.
lemonie8 years ago
I think this reasonably high-tech, it's not that easy to do (but produces a great effect) L
Yeah, I was just thinking that. I don't remember ever getting my old forge hot enough to melt iron (soften it a bit, but not make it molten).
Burning metal is one of the biggest problems! There is no easier way to ruin a project.
_soapy_8 years ago
That's the coolest thing I've seen today. :-)
Kiteman8 years ago
That is amazing! I wonder what the wall looked like the next morning...?
=SMART= Kiteman8 years ago
i wonder if they get permission, or just rock up and start melting someones house :P
Kiteman =SMART=8 years ago
Forget eggs or toilet paper, in China the students prank teachers properly.
=SMART= Kiteman8 years ago
hahaha, water baloons filled with molten iron
better yet, iron balloons filled with water!
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