Low voltage Push Solenoid

Hey everyone... I've been trying to find a DC push solenoid powered by 12V or less (I think 9V would be best). It needs to be able to push down on point and shoot camera trigger so I'm estimating about a half pound push minimum. I saw some time lapse modifications on the Make: photo pool. I'm going to do the same, but with simplicity in mind :P

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pluseinn9 years ago
Anyone found it yet? All the link seem to be down.
Ummm the ones from battery powered safes, good push and run on around 6V so they sound about right, I've tested the push scientifically by letting it squish my finger and there's more than a half pound of push...
crapflinger9 years ago
treb...i'm sure you've found a solution to this by now but i found this http://www.allelectronics.com/cgi-bin/item/SOL-102/search/MINIATURE_12VDC_PUSH-TYPE_SOLENOID_.html on allelectronics (looking for a small push solenoid for a "project")
lemonie10 years ago
You can find these things on plumbing, for an example see here:
photozz11 years ago
How about a gear motor or such fitted with an oblong gear instead of a round one, with a roller tip. When it actuates, it will rotate and hit the button.
trebuchet03 (author)  photozz11 years ago
If I do a cam - I'd have to make the lobe have a long duration as the camera needs time to focus and then take a picture (worst case scenario -- 2-3 seconds). That's why I want to go for a solenoid or linear actuator. I can do 50% duty cycle and push on the button for 15 seconds, hold for 15 seconds and then push again -- so about a 30 second photo cycle.
Good point. The Door lock actuator is actually a good idea. I can't really think of anything better without costing a lot more.
westfw11 years ago
Door Lock actuator Might work well, though it's actually motor driven. Push solenoids aren't so common for some reason. You might have better luck adding a lever to a pull-type. Although... Push Pull Solenoid
trebuchet03 (author)  westfw11 years ago
I think that door lock actuator might just do the trick :) 3/4" is overkill for travel, but with that much travel, I'll make a lever to cut back on that and ensure there's enough force :) - price is right too.