Lowney's Tempest Review

Well this is Lowney's Rifle that he posted yesterday, and I built it and with his permission I have reviewed it!
So, here it goes:
Normally, if you wanted an excellent oodammo single shot, you were left with a choice of two: The original KillerK pistol and Oodalumps' rectangle. 
Now however, there is the tempest. It boasts something that only it has ever had in the world of k'nex: a rifled barrel attachment. 
So let's get on with the specs:


Firing Interval
8/10 this is based on the fact it is a single shot though. Five seconds is what I average.
Bullet Lock
9/10 The bullet has never fallen out for me, but it doesn't feel quite the same as a ball joint
Rifle Attachment
9/10 Works very well, but it's not a 10 because it can only do oodammo and velcrammo
Smoothbore mode
6/10 Brilliant for any ammo that is shorter than a yellow rod but otherwise not so good
8/10 It's a very very nice handle, second only to the ZKAR and MEZAK
Trigger 9/10 Has yet to fail for me, but the movement is quite slight
10/10 Never failed: single shots rarely do
10/10 I test robustness by standing on a garden chair and drop in on concrete. It didn't break

Aesthetics 4/10 the rifled barrel is ugly, but smoothbore mode this gun would be a 9/10
9/10 the concept is so simple, yet it works like an absolute charm! Very innovative
10/10 it shoots 160ft approx. and 80ft with cannon ammo without the rifle
10/10 again, this gun is mighty powerful, more powerful than the KillerK gun
Pain factor
10/10 don't shoot yourself with cannon ammo, it will draw blood.
Metallic or Old?
I think comparing mine and Lowney's, old colors look better
Weight Balance
7/10 The whole gun is so light there is no need to worry about the balance


Grand Total

an impressive average score of 8/10 (1dp) which means I rated this gun 4* and would recommend it to anyone.

    -Jesse Barns AKA The One And Only

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Lowney7 years ago
Hey, I noticed that you said that this shoots 160ft. Unfortunately, even I struggle to believe that, please change it to the truth, because it's having a bad effect on my 'ible.
travw7 years ago
Ok, I have a LOT of problems with this review. Here's a few:

1) Trigger: 9/10. WTH? Any trigger that relies on a standard connector-rod-connector attachment isn't going to handle much power. This included.

2) Handle: 8/10. This is a very generic handle. Very.

3) Range/accuracy: 10/10. This really pisses me off. First of all, no. It doesn't shoot 160 feet. It's not going to. Secondly, if there are at least 2 guns that shoot farther, why would this be a 10/10? It makes no f****** sense!

4) Power: 10/10. This is NOT more powerful than a KK pistol. Even if it was, again, there are guns more powerful than this, so why give it a 10?

So, there you go.
The One and Only (author)  travw7 years ago
I will answer all your queries, and not stoop to the level of just being nasty. But I want to make a point that you haven't made this gun, so you can't really slag it off if you have no idea what it is you are slagging off.

1) This trigger has never failed for me. I use 7 64s like Lowney recommended, and the trigger works great. Even with surgical tubing it won't break because of the fail-safe (under the hinge, it preventents the trigger from shattering/snapping)

2) It's common for a reason: it's good. It has nice side grips on it, in case you can't see.

3) Range/accuracy. How can you possibly make accusations like that? And it hardly sticks to the be nice policy. There are at least 2 guns that you say shoot further. Two guns, which I can be certain of you have'nt built, therefore no evidence and no right to say what you say.

4) This IS more powerful than a KK pistol. It has more followthrough with the pin. The KK pistol just hits the ammo and stops. This hits the ammo and drives it through, giving it more kinetic energy

So, there you go.

I made it. I hate it. It doesn't rifle, it just bounces off to the side and wastes about half the power. Without the bendy, I got like 30 feet. With 5 #64's on it.

I want to make a point that you haven't made this gun, so you can't really slag it off if you have no idea what it is you are slagging off.

He can, and with good reason:

1) The block is not far back enough for the pin to build up enough momentum to transfer to the projectile for your proclaimed ranges to be reasonable.

3) The only way I might believe these ranges is if you told us that you are shooting at a high angle (45 degrees) and are using finned ammo. Oodammo is just too heavy to achieve this range at any angle (with this trigger/pin setup).

4) You have the wrong idea about how K'nex guns work. You get the most momentum transfer from that little "love tap" that a KKC provides. It allowes the pin to build up as much momentum as possible before hitting the ammo. According to physics, if you try to "push" the ammo with the pin, it will not work; the ammo will simply bounce off of the pin and shoot off the moment it strikes.

travw Mepain7 years ago
Oh, didn't see this. Thanks.
Fine, I'll build, then I'll come back here, but first, let me answer a couple of those:

1) Fine, after I build, I'll tell you how mine does.

2) Almost every gun with that handle has the same thing.

3) I can make accusations like that because it's BS. Fine, it may not have been a nice way to put it, I apologize for that. And yes, I've built both. BR, and SR-v2. Not to mention Wrecktangle. (All with sniper ammo.)

4) This is physics. If it keeps pushing the ammo, instead of just hitting it after it gains all it's momentum, it'll be less powerful. Don't argue it. If you don't believe me, go talk to someone on KIchat. It'll be funny.
Sorry, nobody is going to believe 160 feet. Even with a video. For good reason.

Also, that bendy on the front looks rather cumbersome and ugly, 'fraid to say...
The One and Only (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
Why? Everyone believes KillerK's ranges with his TR and pistol. And oodalumps gets the same belief too. The rifle really does work, and teamed with oodammo it will obviously shoot furthur than an oodammo gun without  a rifle. If you watch Lowney's video, you can blatantly see that the rifle makes a huge difference.

But yes, I can't really defend the fact that the bendy rod is ugly.
Everyone believes him because everyone has built it, and gotten the same results. Not to mention the fact that in the video, it just bounces off to the side.
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