Lucid Dreaming

Google it. Try and control your dreams? I'm gunna try it, sounds cool and awesome, gunna do it right now, if it works I'll right an instructable. Going to bed now, nighty night! I know this is my 3rd topic today, but I just had to post this cause it's cool!

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KentsOkay9 years ago
Yes! I want to dream of far away lands, dragons, swords adventure, and ELVISH FEMALES!!
. I wonder what is it that actually dreams? What part of consciousness seems to "break-off" from the physical and go roaming around? At least that is how I appears. Some people are able to see, or at least they report that they can see their physical form from a distance. My mother reported that experience just shortly before she died. I wonder if some how a mental or "thought-like" form is, while still in the shape of the physical, having eyes, hands, feet etc, still able to see with those "thought-shaped" eyes. this is an area that is so interesting to investigate. As has been said before we are held back by what we believe or even fear. we believe what our culture or religion has told us. Until we investigate we won't know. We don't realize we've been mislead by a preconception until it weakens, gets shaky or falls apart. Then we may see the truth, that there is no death. .
guyfrom7up (author)  frogisamoose9 years ago
well, supposedly dreaming is randomly fired neutrons and then you brain try's to make sense of the signal so then it's all messed up.
Dreaming is the processing of your short-term memories (stored in sections of the brain on the sides of your head, and I know its called "seahorse" in latin...) from the last few days and storing the important parts.
what i've been told dreams, no matter whos in there are always about ones self. There like encrypted messages (sort of) from your subconsious self on like problems your trying to deal with or should deal with. that is according to a teacher i have, which i can find believable, with a slightly different view though, which i won't go into.
They are normally about one's self. But there are two ways people dream: one is where they are "in the story" experiencing the drama, and the other is where they are "watching it from a slight distance", as if watching from a window.
. In the Buddhist wisdom traditions of Tibet it is said that the dream you have at night is the "sample" dream, whereas this daily living experience is the "real" dream.. .
"One night I believe I dreamed that I was a butterfly, and when I awoke, could not determine if I was a man that had dreamed he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he is a man." That is not a word for word quote, but it is the essence of it. Have you read this? :-)
. I have heard that story and I think you are very close. Not sure of the source. I would also like to say that it is very easy to make conjectures about the nature of thinking or thoughts. There is no proof that thoughts originate in the physical organ. Not to say they don't go through there but where do they come from. We don't even know what they are, let alone what they do. Guesswork. It is also the case that, using technical words, concepts and so on, we create the illusion of knowledge. Fundamentally, from the point of view of higher insight or wisdom, all knowledge is ignorance and is empty are of our thoughts or preconceptions about any given "thing". Or, maybe not. .
There is no proof that thoughts originate in the physical organ.

Oh I wouldn't say that :-) Electronically stimulating the "organ" (brain) itself "stimulates" thoughts, memories, etc. Removing parts of the physical brain, deplete it's function, and can actually remove thoughts/memories.

BTW: it was Chuang-Tzu that had "that dream"

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