Lumbar Laminectomy Spinal Surgery. (final update)

It looks like, after my visit today with the Surgeon, that the Lumbar Laminectomy is probably the best route for me to go at this point.

Tomorrow, if I can get my wife to agree with me, I will be making the appointment, hopefully for next week (Tues, or Thurs).

I don't believe in luck, so; here's hoping the surgeon is awake, skillful, and hasn't had so many coffees that his hands shake the morning of that surgery :-)


I am having doubts about the process. I may go for now with only therapy, and if matters become worse rather then better, then have the surgery. But things have already taken a turn for the better.....I have felt the best today, then I have felt in the last 3 weeks. . . we shall see when I start.


Until tomorrow, I will not know for sure, but at this point, my back is feeling a bit better. I have been able to go a little longer without pain meds then before, so I do think therapy will work.    I still have to get that second opinion however.

UPDATE #2.19375 supplemental:

I have my appointment @2:00 PM today for the second opinion. I hope we can come to an agreeable conclusion as to how to proceed with the treatment.   I will update again, when I know more.


The Second opinion appt has been attended to, and we came to an agreement that 3 weeks of therapy should proceed any consideration of surgery.   So, if this works, I will be off work for only 3 more weeks.  If not, I will have to have surgery done, and will be off for at least 3-4 more.

 UPDATE #3.21978 supplemental:

I start therapy on Thursday, and will be finished November 5th if all goes as planned.

UPDATE #3.714155 supplemental:

Tuesday starts my official treatments as Thursday was just the initiation and measurement phase.  I will report on how well the first day of stretching, exercise, and time on the RACK went.  



Newest estimate for my return to work is currently Nov. 5th or 6th (possibly the 9th, if they don't want me to start until Monday....we will see.
  Things are slowly improving.  I am sitting up for a bit longer now, although I am not able to stay put (sitting, standing, walking) for overly long periods yet; there is improvement.


Finished with today's therapy session,  and started Traction for the first time.  I am feeling much better now.  Thursday, they will use the machine for an even longer period of time, and I should start to get further relief.

UPDATE #5.6297 supplemental:

Just got off the Traction machine an hour ago.  I am starting to feel even better then before. I hope this lasts, with the strengthening of my core muscles....below is exactly what RACK looks like :-) 


Friday's work went well, and I feel pretty good this morning about going back to work this evening.   Thanks again for all your support !

You all have been great, bearing with me in all this.....


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lemonie8 years ago
Be sure of who's doing this, there are risks... L
Before the op, ask the surgeon for his passport, thats to prevent a runner, in case he cripples you.
Goodhart (author)  Lateral Thinker8 years ago
Nah, around here, the only runners besides those in sports, are in pantyhose

When they hit you on the head with a sledge hammer, minutes before the op, how will you stop your surgeon giving the job to a trainee? Like the captain of the 747 telling his copilot, you can land the plane. Only afterwards, did I discover my surgeon only supervised--- 3 operation's done by his registrars, all done at the same time. A registrar is a trainee! But it was okay, if I died on the table, it would be the surgeon that copped it from the authorities. Anyway, its safer that way, a registrar is fully trained, but still lacks one thing the surgeon has, thats over-confidence
Goodhart (author)  Lateral Thinker8 years ago
they may do things like that there, but here, when I hire a surgeon to do an operation, he WILL do the operation (or the film later will be used to prosecute him).

one thing the surgeon has, thats over-confidence

He lacks another thing the surgeon has.....experience.
Have you not heard of operations done by untrained people? They mostly succeed, if not, there is a good excuse. Recently I had to complain about a health call centre, a rep there, every phone call is recorded for quality purposes, unless I ask for the recorder to be turned off. I did not. And apparently there was no recording. And apparently my email did not arrive. And certainly it did not bounce back. But the copy to the H&D Commissioner did get thru. 2 months later the commissioner took action. Then the call centre responded. But a week after my email was supposedly lost, they did make changes, as I recognised that with my next call a few days later. 2 plus 2 does not equal 4 in this case. This call centre is a private company, under contract to our Ministry of Health. there is a neat story bout it, which I will post separately. How will you safe guard the film? The surgeon as well as being experienced with operations, would also be experienced with passing the buck, and excuses. With experience and confidence, the surgeon will also have found a experienced lawyer. But then Goodhart, if you dont wake up, you will never know.
Goodhart (author)  Lateral Thinker8 years ago
Have you not heard of operations done by untrained people?

Yes, but in this country it is a bit rare. Many Doctors are close knit as a group; almost as close as the members of the Freemason's. Fraud's and the untrained are normally ferreted out fairly quickly...
I am talking about ops, such as might get done on the space station. Re-entry G for the lifeboat might be too high, the Russians might not have a shuttle going up, and would NASA have their shuttle ready in time, to take up a surgical team? And 1.5 Billion dollars for a house call? Like I said, you people in the USA, your doctors charge too much,
Goodhart (author)  Lateral Thinker8 years ago
Over here, house calls are only done on very rare occasions. ;-)
Same here. But you will get a house call, for a doctor to sign a death certificate, if you die at home in bed.
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