Lumosity Word Bubbles Game

I just got this new sample word game from our friends at Lumos Labs just down the street. Be warned - it's a bit addictive.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Brain Games provided by Lumosity.

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DonnaK463 days ago

I hThis game helps my brain work better!ave been playing this for about 3 or so years! Almost EVERY single day! Now I cannot get it on here. This game has kept my brain strong and my vocabulary has widened immensely. Please bring it back soon!

twitling20 days ago

FYI... I, too, check back once in a while. Today, I stumbled on this:


which might explain some things... maybe when the dust settles, they'll think of selling access to word bubbles.

Thank you for that link. It probably does explain this. Sure do miss that game!

Thanks for sharing that information. I agree. Hopefully the game isn't gone for good.

MielM115 days ago

Too bad it's not free any more. Not paying--no way no how. There are tons of other challenging FREE games out there. Bad move, Lumosity.

DianaG5720 days ago

love word bubbles. I would love to subscribe to this game,as a stand alone,


daveminnj1 month ago

I keep checking back to see if it's fixed. This is a nightmare! :-)

I keep doing the same and it just doesn't come back :-( so sad - i really miss it. now i don't bother w/Lumosity - they were so WRONG to take this away from us. Bait and switch - well that's just bad... :-(

GanenetteM1 month ago

Wow, all of this time, I thought something was wrong with my Adobe Flash. I just noticed the comments. Bummer, bummer, bummer!

donnamig1 month ago

Just FYI to those interested in checking out Lumosity to get your Word Bubbles fix: they now use a different version of the game which is, I think, not as challenging as the one that was available here. You can register and play three games a day for free at Lumosity, but you don't get to choose those games. My experience is that the newer version of Word Bubbles shows up about once a week. I don't pay to play there, so I have no idea if a subscription would let you access games of your choice.

PamB501 month ago


daveminnj1 month ago


twitling1 month ago

I really enjoyed word bubbles. I would be prepared to pay for access to word bubbles as a standalone, but I'm not really interested in doing the whole lumosity curriculum at this point. I think it was great that they offered it for free for so long, so i'll just say: thanks, it was fun while it lasted!

LindsayC151 month ago

It is sad if it is gone from free play. Enough folks will buy Lumosity but the freebie is good word-of-mouth marketing. To take it down is a bad rather than good business move. Few will decide that it's a must-have to purchase, esp if they don't play other Luminosity games. And the bad taste from losing a freebie will be a detriment not an enhancement to their reputation. Better to keep it up and allow free play as folks are likely to mention Luminosity and how much they like their games if they're allowed to play at this one-off level.

Well said!!

ElsjeJ1 month ago

O good grief ok. How much and where do we pay?

BemyB1 month ago

Lumosity, such a wonderful, amazing and brilliant creation game..... I think not only a group of us from Malaysia missed that, the whole world might missed that, Let us pray HARD and hope Lumosity Word Bubbles game will be appear online again! from: KADI gang of Malaysia

PamB501 month ago


I usually connect thru Prevention. But it's gone. Gone, I tell you.

I cannot reduce my time-wasting procrastination to mere solitaire. Even Freecell.

Must. Have. Word Bubbles. --- Is this a right-wing conspiracy??!!


MaryN271 month ago

Oh well, one less addiction to deal with. I'll miss it though.

YvonneH211 month ago

It was a really nice game. I loved playing it. It's the only on-line game I played. I was hoping I could buy the game. I kept checking Amazon. So hopefully Lumosity will sell it. I don't want to pay to use it on-line. Looking at the brighter side; I have more time to play my other Laptop games.

mariawati1 month ago

What happened? The game (if it loads) won't accept correct words - it says everything is wrong :-( so sad to not get my word bubble fix...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one...I think Luminosity stopped offering it to this site as it was probably and enticement to have you join. UGH!

sigh - that's too bad - i was / guess i still am on luminosity and my favorite of their "games" is word bubble. It's better than this but you can only get it every 7 days. i get other "games" much more often but i really don't like them. anyway, too bad they did that - i don't play other games… thanks for your comment 2 best feet! :-)

CaroleS151 month ago

EEK! I arrived at this website ready to play my usual morning round, and the game will not download. I had used the Prevention website years ago, but a while back this happened there and the game never came back. Please tell me this is a temporary condition. Thank you.

GeorgB32 months ago


CatherineS352 months ago

When there are only one or two words you can make with four letters, it would be nice if they'd make the 4 go all the way to the top. That way you'd know that you'd made all you could with that length of word.

marklucht2 months ago

this is wow

cormac30507 years ago
My longest is Antidisestablishmentarianism. Beat that!!
simple. Just add an S! It works and makes it 29!
flauchenauchenilipilification, the action or habit of estimating as worthless. Btw it is 29 wheras Antidisestablishmentarianism is 28
I doubt that is real, have a look at all the subwords in it, not trying to sound like the guy who says FAKE imma just saying
Google it and you'll see it's real.
There are some big dictionaries out there
i couldn't get antidisestablishmentarianism or Floccinaucinihilipilification because i've never had them beginnings! Darn! 1380 - my high score
yes 1770 points
Just got 1980, in your theoretical face
daaaaaayyyymmmmmm !
theohornsby3 years ago
5310 - one word short of a perfect score :)
JoeB133 years ago
Just started this word game. Quite addictive, indeed. Got 5040 on fourth try. But I'm finding it's hard to find four-letter words on some of the offerings. What do I do, just start typing in random letters on those?
rockydennis4 years ago

rockydennis4 years ago

rockydennis4 years ago
5160 again.

rockydennis4 years ago

rockydennis4 years ago
5130 again.

rockydennis4 years ago

rockydennis4 years ago

rockydennis5 years ago
4350, folks.
moonieb5 years ago
4140. I think my brain exploded!
Jahydro5 years ago
Beat 3960 ;)
And English is not even my mother tongue.
Chicken22097 years ago
apparently Monday isn't a word...
yeah, found that out the hard way lol
Proper name of the day of the week
I would have thought that it would have that. I bet it has Tuesday.
angeleigha6 years ago
Ohhhhhhhhh!!! sooooooo hooked!!!
CameronSS7 years ago
I sent this page to my English-major sister, and she's completely addicted to it...It's replaced a version of Bloons that she used to play constantly. She just emailed me the following screenshot:
delrio7 years ago
I think I'm hooked!
And just when I was starting to have a life....
now 3480
best score so far: 3160
2010! Yay!
2190. I think it's working! I'm getting smarter! :P
1980. Maybe not.
i got 6, your attempt at humor-by-failure has easily been outdone by my failure-by-suckyness.
How did you get 6 points? They give you a minimum of 30 points for just one word. That's not suckiness, that's downright skillful!
Ye Gods! I just realized your avatar is not a turkey! That's very deceiving, deceiving like a pirate.... kelseymh is a pirate!!
Turkey? Ummm....those are 11,052 photomultiplier tube bases for a Cherenkov-light particle identification system.
Don't feel bad duck-lemon, for the longest time I thought it was just some abstract art thing.
Is it not some abstract art thing? I'm sorry i didn't understand a word he wrote.... =]
It is that pretty, isn't it? No, Kelsey is a particle physicist. That picture is of him fixing part of an atom smasher when it broke (to grossly oversimplify). Go to his profile and his orangeboard to see nice, big pictures of what he was doing, along with an explanation from him. It's quite interesting, really.
Willdo, sounds ... enlightening.
Yeah, every time I see it (even though I KNOW what it is), I see either a golden enclosed EYE or the rear end of a turkey....the brain's attempt at making sense of something it doesn't immediately recognize, I am afraid :-)
I still say its a turkey, i don't care if it isn't to me it's still a very fowl picture. Did you see the pun there, doing well am i?
I always thought it was some optical illusion...
haha. :P
DrWeird1177 years ago
Fail! You spelled it wrong...Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
It's still wrong... and if you're trying to be smart by saying you can spell something, don't spell it wrong.
No, that's not what I was saying at all. I saw others' longest words and decided to have a little fun. Sorry.
I was just messing with you. I hate conversations over the internet. No emotions. Sigh*
So, on a completely different note, are you a big fan of Aqua Team Hunger Force, or you just like that particular Icon :-)
I love Aqua Teen!
So you also like Ignignokt and Err ? ;-)
They're the best! And you actually spelled them right!
Yeah, well I cheated on the spelling.....I did look that up :-)

If nothing else, it is an odd kind of show :-) It's funny that the introduction segment with Dr. Weird ,it seems to me, comes out to be more normal then the rest of the show LOL
Oh. Well, an old, insane man with his mid 30s assistant holed up in an abandoned insane asylum on the South Jersey Shore, messing with science, is much more normal than a meatball rolling towards you that is the subordinate of a dominant pistachio milkshake who goes against a box of fries that has an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and a hairy next-door neighbor that cares nothing about where they came from, what the heck they are, or mostly, when they die.
At first I thought you were talking about me, then I read....in his mid 30's... and knew it couldn't be me LOL
canida (author) 7 years ago
I got a 2550. How does that stack up?
canida (author)  canida7 years ago
canida (author)  canida7 years ago
2040! Woo!
kelseymh canida7 years ago
2790! sho/qua/amp!
I just got a little over 1800. W00t.
Gjdj3 canida7 years ago
It kicks my score's butt. The best I got was an 1820.
I got 1320. You haz mad skillz. :D
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