M4 parts

I tried to make the first realistic M4 on the site , but i got lazy so here's some of the important parts.

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Owenmon7 years ago
Yay! I finished my indoor rifle by using the stock! It's great, and sturdy!
travw Owenmon7 years ago
Nice! Have any more pics? I might build that! Removable mags?
Owenmon travw7 years ago
Check my new topic.

lioneatr8 years ago
can you give me a link to where you got the airsoft or what brand is it
are you still working on this
here i finished it
does it shoot?
I think it does. I say so because of the blue rods in th pic. And the blue rod-sized mag. I could very well be wrong though.
Yup, your wrong. the mag is fake. I just figured it out. It doesnt shoot at all.
it does shoot it has a bakenbitz fake removable but real internal mag
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