M81 Assault Pistol-Knex Trigger System

M81 Assault Pistol
This gun was a project of mine...its a true trigger (obviously)

'The Knex trigger system'
Its not like a normal pull back tigger, you pull down...

Picture of M81 Assault Pistol-Knex Trigger System
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dracoshadex8 years ago
the ammo in this gun does not go over 40 ft, it doesn't even get past 10 ft
MI69 years ago
This thing has so much recoil for a knex pistol.
jedff9 years ago
the design is the same as tomeboynes
HBF (author) 9 years ago
Mepain9 years ago
Neat trigger system.
HBF (author)  Mepain9 years ago
Thanks, I was hoping you'd comment
Danny9 years ago
definately DONT post
HBF (author)  Danny9 years ago
Why not
post the first one
HBF (author)  captianchase9 years ago
I am making the instructable now.
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