I know it sounds fascinating but do u guys think there is a possibility of a different set of laws that govern the universe.Spells,Witchcraft and Sorcery have been amond us and are also prevalent now.Are any of these true??Is there A scientific explanation??

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lemonie8 years ago
Is there a scientific explanation for a different set of laws that govern the universe?
Self-evidently no.

If you're interested in something specific tell us about it?

WEBRANGER (author)  lemonie8 years ago
So you are saying that all that stuff about magic is untrue right??Well that's a very strong statement to make but what about instances in history about witches and witchcraft??are they only illusions??One More Thing-If your a Christian(who read the bible) you will know what i AM saying is true
You are correct - witchcraft and magic are exactly as true as Christianity.

Sits back to let statement sink in.
WEBRANGER (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
yeah so that means we cannot rule out the possibility of such stuff right??
I'm guessing you haven't covered sarcasm and satire in English lessons yet?
WEBRANGER (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
wat do ya mean???
I mean, witchcraft and magic are exactly as true as Christianity.

Magic spells work just as often and efficiently as prayers.

Pagan ceremonies summon the presence of nature spirits just as often as devil-worshippers summon Satan and exactly as frequently as Jesus makes a miraculous appearance.

Do you get it yet?
WEBRANGER (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
interestin answer!!!

I understand what (as an atheist) you are saying. Numerous pseudo-miracles and similar "phenomena" have been exposed as hoaxes, or ignorant explanations for natural occurences. I have no problem in your claim that they are eqally "true". However, since one cannot prove the non-existence of the spirit world, to assign an equal rate of effectiveness to 'magic spells' as you do to the efficiency of prayers is a pretty big claim. (I understand you believe in neither.) You might say, "In my experience", or "In studies I've read", etc., but to claim unequivically that they are equally as effective is a bit of a stretch. I'm not taking one side or the other (in this comment), but in the interest of "truth", I'd like to see you quallify your premise. PS- SInce reverse evolution has been documented, I expect faeries, gnomes and unicorns to be next!
WEBRANGER (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Hmmmmm.........nice one
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