MAKER FAIRE, Queens, NYC Sept. 17-18

Yes !   And I hope to be there,  somehow, this year for BOTH days....if I have to camp out in an outdoor latrine over night  :-) 

Psst, can you imagine?   I was actually asked by someone who will remain nameless, WHY I wanted to go again, since I "saw it last year for a few hours".   *sigh*  

Oh, before I forget:   here is the link to the actual site....

It appears now that I WILL NOT be able to financial situation has once again, bottomed out, and I haven't been able to  stave off the "leak" that continues to drain my account(s).

Picture of MAKER FAIRE,  Queens, NYC   Sept. 17-18
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Twinmum6 years ago
dang, I wish we had something even remotely like that here. I'd be there with bells on. Unfortunately, Queens is just a little too far for me :-(
Goodhart (author)  Twinmum6 years ago
I know they hold one in England, maybe next year they could consider your neck of the woods (world) :-)
One can only hope :-)
MrStuff6 years ago
Makers Faire 2011!
eric wilhelm.jpginstructables pirate flag.jpg
Goodhart (author)  MrStuff6 years ago
Thanks, I hope to see many MORE pictures...did I miss a post to a forum somewhere?
amidbarksy6 years ago
It was so great to see everyone there! Any chance of seeing the author photo from today?
Goodhart (author)  amidbarksy6 years ago
Pictures ! Did anyone get pictures! I was unable to attend and need SOME kind of fix..... LOL
susanrm6 years ago
I'm going, like I did last year (but didn't see Instructables there then). Looking forward to seeing crew from this site!
Goodhart (author)  susanrm6 years ago
Oh, they were there, I have pictures to prove it LOL
I totally believe you. But I was only there one day, so there were way too many things to see!
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