can anyone tell me how to make a MARGARITA MACHINE

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its a garbage disposal mounted through a wood stool and cooler. and the piping is what you see. it wasn't on or anything but they say you fill it with a bag of ice and the mix and turn it on. it keeps sucking it down and recirculating it. when you want a drink you turn the red valve and viola!
How about an ice dipsenser with the liquid of the drink preprepared and chilled, a blender blade underneath and the dipsensed Ice fals through to be crushed as it passes and the liquid come down and in to the glass...
The1pdub9 years ago
This is an idea I have been throwing around in my mind for a while. I will build one as soon as I can find the time. It wont look as good as the commercial ones but will work well. Use a 5 gal. igloo water cooler and mount a garbage disposal to it. The construction is simple and the design will work.
My husband made one a couple of years ago, using a 5 gal water cooler & STAINLESS Steel garbage disposal. Works well, instantly creates a "party" atmosphere. We've been asked to bring it to family reunions, rehersal dinners, and even a wedding reception! Cost approx $160 in parts (the new garbage disposal being the most $130 on sale). The drawback: since it "blends" (and not "chills"), beverage must be served quickly. Also, overblending processes the ice so fine, that drink becomes diluted. It's better to make small 1 to 1-1/2 gallon batches, than to try to prepare a full 3-4 gal batch.
Goodhart10 years ago
That ought to be interesting as this is one of many recipes for them:
Kiteman10 years ago
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