MITERS Video Tour with Tim Anderson

Here's another old video I found starring Tim. It's from the same set mentioned here. Enjoy!

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thebluemartyr10 years ago
so hes really the inventor of the 3d printer?!?!? that is awesome! tim u are my hero!
ewilhelm (author)  thebluemartyr10 years ago
Tim is a founder of ZCorp.
Who the hell is Tim really? I ask this after just watching that video above.
Yup, I keep asking him to post an instructable, but get no answer . . . .
So that's the father of our impending global economic collapse (and inevitable decline into nano-machine induced ecological disaster)?

Really? That guy?

SWEET. I can't wait!
he invented a 3d printer, not the 3d printer
uh huh yep
nanor1139510 years ago
theres another type of printer called a fabber
laernmoer10 years ago
Nice, I had no idea he's the guy who invented that 3d printer that I was looking at a few years ago. Wasn't the 3d object made of starch or something? I remember it being non-toxic or something like that.. and you could eat the 3d spirograph "cookie" if you wanted.
Nice =)

Yeah.... Tim is awesome
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