My Little Pony: Building is Magic

Being a HUGE ponies fan I've taken a note to all the recent and cool projects being put out by bronies on sites like and thought it appropriate to give bronies a place to post all these and compile them together. Here's your place to post 'ibles on ponies! :D


Picture of My Little Pony: Building is Magic
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PoniesSwag5 years ago
i made a pinkie pie hair ible :)
monsterlego5 years ago
GAAAAAH! not the ponies! D:
agooodname5 years ago
I made this in my school industrial tech class and i just wanted to share it with you guys. It says 20% cooler although its a little hard to see.
FlutterTree5 years ago
Finally, I found more brony on the internet.
prosper586 years ago
I contribute.
ponykiss6 years ago
Thanks for the web site. Looking for some fun projects
An Villain6 years ago
This has to be a group or something. Also what is Pinkie-Pie looking at as it is most certainly not the camera (thing.)
maybe she sees the light
I was thinking cupcakes but that works too.
lol ;)
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