MONSTER K'nex Grenade updated 10-22-12

10-22-12 I decided the black ball sockets that were mounted onto the grenade body were a waste so the first picture is the updated grenade. With this mod the grenade is even more solid than ever so don't be afraid of losing valuable pieces when thrown. The grenade is yet to break on me and the bright yellow pins that fly off are easy to find even outside. I believe that this is the best grenade to use for any outdoor war. I'm sure a better grenade could potentially be made for indoor use with more shrapnel but I've gotta say when this grenade goes off it hits hard. I hope you all enjoy building and using this grenade let me know what you think. Be sure to post pictures and videos showing off the grenade in use!
see it for yourself here!

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Knex Lego Maniac (author) 5 years ago
update 10-22-12 I removed the black ball sockets that were on the body of the grenade reducing the number of valuable pieces used and making the grenade as solid as possible to prevent the loss or breaking of K'nex! Have fun throwing the same old grenade and saving the extra black ball sockets for another project even another set of grenade pins if you'd like!
Is this another explode on contact grenade?
And I can see clearly that it has a fully functional pin! Good job Killerk! Everything you make is like solid gold!
thanks man this is a contact grenade and it works great with or without the handle... going to be using em at the next war!
Curious, are the KIers for sure having a war again this year? I hope this one turns out a little more interesting. Shotguns, rapid fire weapons, and hey even grenades. I wouldn't think grenades would be all too practical but please do prove me wrong when you get the chance.

You guys really need to see into finding an abandoned warehouse and setting up cardboard walls everywhere. Actually, it'd be kind of cool to get that really thin foamy stuff they pack stuff inside of, and tape them to the floor and ceiling. You should be able to see people's shadows, and decently strong weapons should be able to pierce them easily without needing to hurt anyone. =P
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
i believe we are having another war this summer and yes i do agree that shotguns and rapid fire weapons have there place we just haven't had any really good designed built or incorporated in the fight : (
i have made a few concept/prototype shotguns and other weapons that id like to try out in the next war ill have to finish em up tho
as for grenades... we did attempt to use em in the last war however only once or twice... i did see potential which is y i have made this bigger grenade that honestly should do well at the next war! im excited to try it out : )
heatblast7 years ago
Anyone willing to make this in metallics and take a picture of it?
Dirtyboyy7 years ago
cool !
Vynash7 years ago
Dude nice, It is simple but I'd like to see it posted!
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Vynash7 years ago
really? it doesn't seem to hard to build
No, it doesn't seem hard to build but we have been very slow with the good ibles now ya know?
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