MP3 to Cassette Tape

Would like hook up my laptop to a cassette recorder/stereo so that i can make mix tapes from MP3's. My brother's friend did it years ago, but can't remember how he did it for the life of me. Any suggestions on certain cables I need or any other information. Much appreciated.

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lemonie10 years ago
I want to do the reverse, but my only tape-deck has stopped functioning properly. Being quite advanced I don't know what the problem is or how to fix it.... L
gyromild lemonie10 years ago
It could be mechanical or electrical/electronic problems..For mechanical, the rubber band is the most common source of problem (thanks NM).It could fall off the motor wheel or snapped. Plus you can clean the wheels from all entangled fibres, and give them small squirt of WD-40 (be sure to cover the read head, before you do so). Btw, can you still listen to the radio?
lemonie gyromild10 years ago
No, it's more than that. The deck is touch-button with servos, clicks, clunks and interlocks. It just won't play, like one of the microswitches or parts of the mechanism is in the wrong position, rather than something being broken. L It's a Technics SA-K6L
. Hmmmmm. I thought SA was Technics' designator for an receiver. But anyway, here's a few things I found on Technics cassettes:
. Tried searching for SA-K6L on several Technics/Panasonic sites, but no hits.
Yea it's got a radio receiver in it too, and I coudn't find anything on the internet either. The thing comes with a turntable, so it's a fairly compact system, not really designed to be part of anything larger, but with the option. And one of the stereo channels is dodgy too. L
. If dodgy means it "crackles" when you adjust the volume, it's probably the volume pot. Get some contact cleaner with a straw on the spray nozzle and spray the Hell out of while you move the knob back and forth. With the stereo off, of course. . I like to give them a shot of WD-40, after cleaning, but some ppl say that will attract dust. I've never had a problem.
No, it means it drops out almost completely. If you spend 10 mins fiddling with the balance you can get it right if you're lucky (I gave up and switched to the PC a long time ago) L
LasVegas lemonie10 years ago
Sounds like it could use a complete Cap-Kit replacement. Probably old enough too merit it.
lemonie LasVegas10 years ago
What exactly would I need to replace? Capacitors somewhere in the amplifier area? L
LasVegas lemonie10 years ago
A "cap-kit" is the replacement of every electrolytic capacitor (or in the case of very-very old radios oil-filled caps) in the unit. After 20-30 years, they start to dry out. Most other components should last almost forever if not damaged from shorted caps.
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