MRSS (Knex Sniper)

Here are some pics of my new sniper.

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yerjoking9 years ago
Dude glad you posted a vid, looks powerful, and 'ible any time soon?
jollex (author)  yerjoking9 years ago
Video is fixed.
Ok, why aren't you replying on msn btw?
jollex (author)  yerjoking9 years ago
I haven't been on msn most of the day...
Do you have MSN? I have MSN.
Oh... Okay.
DJ Radio jollex9 years ago
cool avatar!
The Jamalam9 years ago
work on the looks, it looks really ugly. however i can see the range is huge!
Storm9509 years ago
Pic seven, Mepain! ;)
its a little ugly, but i am sure it is powerful.
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