I was recently on msn messenger when one of my contacts kept on trying to sen me a virus, when all of a sudden it downloaded itself to me and i do not know where to find this virus to remove it! It send messages to some of my friends without me knowing saying: Do you think these pictures are ok for myspace? and after the question it shows a Zip Folder. Now I do not want to be blocked by all of my contacts because of this so how can i remove it? Anyone know how i could remove it? Could I do A system Restore? or Uninstall Msn Messenger and Reinstall It?

you checked my documents -> my recieved files? thats where all your recieved files from messanger download. probably common knowledge but best to start with the basics I find. next if you insist on using your corporate antivirus make sure you have all the current file definition updates for it.... but Avast! is a solid program. I did have someones send me this same .zip file though and it wasn't picked up by my virus software. I knew the person would never send me anything unless they recieved the ok from me first... so I knew not to open it. I would suggest you send out mass messages to all contacts to notify them of this issue and let them know not to DL it and that you are working on a solution. next try a registry cleaner.....these are dangerous programs if used improperly, if you aren't comfortable with that statement I'd suggest you not use it. overall you best option in my opinion is format. I format my computer every 3 - 6 months. I keep both CD back ups and an external hard drive of all my information and I back it up daily therefor making it a simple "housekeeping" task to format. Viruses are messy... when one infects your computer even the best virus scanners can miss some of the files or even delete the trouble causing virus only to have it regenerate after start up... there are many many ways to get rid of this stuff....but the safest, most insuring way to make sure its gone is to format.
rickick (author)  chaoscampbell9 years ago
I have done a system restore to the beginning of the month then i uninstalled the msn messenger and then went to re download it again!
whatsisface9 years ago
Try downloading avast! antivirus. It's free and fast to scan, scans the memory of your computer at startup as well. Other than that, do a CTRL-ALT-DEL and go to processes, and have a sift through for anything suspiciously named, I had one once called msnmeseger.exe (note the incorrect spelling). I only recommend the last method for if you know what you're doing.
rickick (author)  whatsisface9 years ago
i have antivirus coporate edition it can not find anything!