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If you have some ideas for Mythbusters Instructables post them here. I you know to make something that the Mythbusters built post it here. Discus your ideas whit other fans...

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Dreistein5 years ago
in the episode "torpedo tastic", adam makes a fluid explosive that explodes on contact that he attaches to the torpedo, does anyone know how to make this fluid?
Capn howdy9 years ago
Someone mentioned a personal Buster earlier. I know I could use one of those =]
try this:
comodore (author)  Capn howdy9 years ago
Every one could use a personal buster! :)
The non dairy creamer / sawdust cannon!
a smaller one; just put the creamer in the muzzle
Tom Buckey8 years ago
someone has made bolistic gel on this site
comodore (author)  Tom Buckey8 years ago
Link plz! :)
Thanks for the link
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