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How can u hack passwords on a mac? there are plenty of instructables on how to hack windows, and none on how to hack a mac.

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Alright Guys I need some help, I want to know if any of you guys know how to completely erase everything. Is there anyway to truly erase everything? Also if I need to be an admin to do that type of destruction to a computer can anyone help me hack into the admin account?-Thanks
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
First, you must start the computer in Single-User Mode, a command-line mode which automatically logs in as the administrator. This function is intended facilitate computer repair. To enter this mode, hold Command (the Apple button) and S keys while booting the computer until a black screen appears. Once you reach a command line, follow the procedure to complete the boot process, enable the root account, and reboot. You only need to remember the last two commands as the system will remind you of the first three from Single-User Mode. First, check the disk for errors by entering this command: /sbin/fsck -fy This is usually a quick process; it will fix any errors it finds. It is not recommended that you skip this step. After it finishes, activate write access to the hard disk by entering: /sbin/mount -uw / Now, initiate the main boot process with this command: sh /etc/rc This command will start most of the system while remaining in command-line mode. It will generate much text. If it stalls for more than one minute, you may press Control-C to abort it; you should still be able to complete the procedure. After it completes, you will be able to enable the root account by setting its password. Enter: passwd root It will prompt you twice for the new password for root. The cursor will not move as you enter the passwords. Now, reboot the computer by entering: reboot
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purduecer8 years ago
if you have some hardware skills, you might be able to perform a cold boot attack...
Goodhart9 years ago
I assume you mean other then using sniffers and keyloggers.
adamthiede (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
well... that is an option. Ask an admin to type in their password for, say, a software update, and log that, and volia! there's your password. Change it immediately. which programs (please be free) would you recommend? or are these legal?
Well, it isn't that the tools are illegal, but how you use them could be.
Although I am a regular subscriber to the magazine called: ''2600''
I am not that familiar with MACs. I do want to get more into Linux soon, and see what I can do with that.
I'm guessing that you are wondering how to do this for a school laptop right? Well I know how... But that's the hard part. There is not really a good way on how to hack. It's mostly ingenuity and luck. Last year at school, I found a hole in their system. I could get full root access on any machine in minutes. Of course than I got a little careless and the school found out about it. Then, as you can imagine, I got suspended, parents got pissed, but I was happy. I will post an Instructable some day on how to do it, but right now I'll stick with developing software for Macs. Here is our website. My friend and I make little applications for macs.

PS: If you want to email me, this is my email:
adamthiede (author)  Einsteins Circuitry9 years ago
I'm using lightbrowser right now. Sweet! I might mod it and make my own theme; this one could use some 'spice'. I'm running tiger right now, and it works great. (Plus i only have 512 megs of RAM!)
It's meant for Leopard so it is a little buggy in Tiger. It looks a little better in leopard too. I'm glad to see you like it!
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