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How can u hack passwords on a mac? there are plenty of instructables on how to hack windows, and none on how to hack a mac.

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Alright Guys I need some help, I want to know if any of you guys know how to completely erase everything. Is there anyway to truly erase everything? Also if I need to be an admin to do that type of destruction to a computer can anyone help me hack into the admin account?-Thanks
Sandisk1duo9 years ago
First, you must start the computer in Single-User Mode, a command-line mode which automatically logs in as the administrator. This function is intended facilitate computer repair. To enter this mode, hold Command (the Apple button) and S keys while booting the computer until a black screen appears. Once you reach a command line, follow the procedure to complete the boot process, enable the root account, and reboot. You only need to remember the last two commands as the system will remind you of the first three from Single-User Mode. First, check the disk for errors by entering this command: /sbin/fsck -fy This is usually a quick process; it will fix any errors it finds. It is not recommended that you skip this step. After it finishes, activate write access to the hard disk by entering: /sbin/mount -uw / Now, initiate the main boot process with this command: sh /etc/rc This command will start most of the system while remaining in command-line mode. It will generate much text. If it stalls for more than one minute, you may press Control-C to abort it; you should still be able to complete the procedure. After it completes, you will be able to enable the root account by setting its password. Enter: passwd root It will prompt you twice for the new password for root. The cursor will not move as you enter the passwords. Now, reboot the computer by entering: reboot
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purduecer9 years ago
if you have some hardware skills, you might be able to perform a cold boot attack...
Goodhart10 years ago
I assume you mean other then using sniffers and keyloggers.
adamthiede (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
well... that is an option. Ask an admin to type in their password for, say, a software update, and log that, and volia! there's your password. Change it immediately. which programs (please be free) would you recommend? or are these legal?
Well, it isn't that the tools are illegal, but how you use them could be.
Although I am a regular subscriber to the magazine called: ''2600''
I am not that familiar with MACs. I do want to get more into Linux soon, and see what I can do with that.
I'm guessing that you are wondering how to do this for a school laptop right? Well I know how... But that's the hard part. There is not really a good way on how to hack. It's mostly ingenuity and luck. Last year at school, I found a hole in their system. I could get full root access on any machine in minutes. Of course than I got a little careless and the school found out about it. Then, as you can imagine, I got suspended, parents got pissed, but I was happy. I will post an Instructable some day on how to do it, but right now I'll stick with developing software for Macs. Here is our website. My friend and I make little applications for macs.

PS: If you want to email me, this is my email:
adamthiede (author)  Einsteins Circuitry10 years ago
I'm using lightbrowser right now. Sweet! I might mod it and make my own theme; this one could use some 'spice'. I'm running tiger right now, and it works great. (Plus i only have 512 megs of RAM!)
It's meant for Leopard so it is a little buggy in Tiger. It looks a little better in leopard too. I'm glad to see you like it!
adamthiede (author)  Einsteins Circuitry10 years ago
Yes. I tried to access my Gmail account, but it quits a lot. Any suggestions?
The one bug in it that we can't seem to fix is that if you click it's menu bar more than once, on the second or third time, it will force quit the application. We won't be updating the app since we haven't really been working on it that much, so it probably won't get fixed unless we stumble across a fix. :-( Sorry about that.
There will probably be an update out tonight! Try downloading again later tonight or tomorrow morning. The menu bar problem is fixed and we might put in a new set of buttons. Do you like the buttons as they are right now? We're still debating about whether or not we should change them.
adamthiede (author)  Einsteins Circuitry10 years ago
Sweet! The buttons could use some change, and if you'd add the old buttons in the "disabled resources" folder of the app, that'd be great!
The new update is out! It's actually been out for a while now, I've just forgot to tell you. :-p Sorry about that. Anyways, it now works MUCH better in Tiger too! It has a bunch of new features including "Live Search" meaning that it gets the search results while you type, it also has the ability to search multiple website besides Google like Yahoo!, Rotten Tomatoes (movie reviews), Fandango (movie times), and YouTube. The new version also has the ability to change your user-agent (the information that tells websites what type of computer you're using). If a website says that it's a "Windows only" or "Linux only" website, you can simply change your user agent! It comes with a couple default ones, but you can also modify the default ones to whatever you want! PS: The old buttons aren't in the disabled resources folder in the app. Sorry!
adamthiede (author)  Einsteins Circuitry9 years ago
Awesome! I'll try it out ASAP!
The new update actually might not be out for a couple more days. Sorry for getting you excited. :-( We just want to make sure that there are no bugs or anything before we release an update. I'll post again when the update is out.
Goodhart10 years ago
Blogger Chad Perrin writes, "MAC address filtering for wireless networking isn't real 'security.' Anyone who pays any attention to current trends in wireless security at all should know that MAC filtering is less effective than WEP -- and that WEP can be cracked almost instantly these days with commonly available tools. This doesn't mean MAC filtering is useless. ( )"

Its resource consumption is almost unmeasurable, and even if it doesn’t keep out any reasonably knowledgeable security crackers willing to spend a few moments gaining access, it does keep out a lot of automated opportunistic attacks that are aiming solely for the absolute lowest-hanging fruit on the security tree. Since that lowest-hanging fruit consists of the majority of wireless access points, MAC filtering can be of value as a way of turning away the majority of opportunistic attackers.
Don’t rely on MAC filtering alone, however. Please, just don’t. It’s a bad idea. People seem to think “Oh, well, sure a determined attacker can get past it, but not anyone else.” It doesn’t take much determination at all to spoof a MAC address. In fact, I’ll tell you how:
1. “Listen” in on network traffic. Pick out the MAC address. This can be done with a plethora of freely available security tools, including Nmap ( ).
2. Change your MAC address.
You can spoof a MAC address when using Nmap with nothing more than a –spoof-mac command line option for Nmap itself to hide the true source of Nmap probes. If you give it a MAC address argument of “0″, it will even generate a random MAC address for you.
For more general MAC address spoofing, your MAC address is trivially reset with tools available in default installs of most operating systems. Here are some examples:
· Linux: ifconfig eth0 hw ether 03:a0:04:d3:00:11
· FreeBSD: ifconfig bge0 link 03:a0:04:d3:00:11
· MS Windows: On Microsoft Windows systems, the MAC address is stored in a registry key. The location of that key varies from one MS Windows version to the next, but find that and you can just edit it yourself. There are, of course, numerous free utilities you can download to make this change for you as well (such as Macshift { }for MS Windows XP).
All of these techniques can of course be automated by self-propagating malware, and the creation of the malware can even be automated to some extent by existing malware creation “kits”. If that doesn’t convince you that MAC filtering does not provide real security, I don’t know what will.
adamthiede (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
I think we're talking about Macintosh when we say mac. Apple computer, iMac kind of stuff.
adamthiede (author) 10 years ago
I just changed my image like 2 minutes ago and it might be controversial. I just want everyone to know that while I would like to know how to hack a mac, i like them. I'm typing this on a mac right now! It's awesome, and I don't want to harm it, but I'd like a big challenge. enuff said.
Clayton H.10 years ago
Can't hack the mac
adamthiede (author) 10 years ago
so you could just go around with your own OS CD and reset passwords? Wow. Does it reset all the accounts and data if you do that?
I apologize for deleting the previous comment. My internet is screwing up tonight and it ended up posting my comment 4 times! In my haste to delete the extras I ended up deleting the original comment.
LasVegas10 years ago
You can't just stick the CD in and change passwords. If the owner is smart at all, they've already disabled booting a CD without a password (Your school Macs, no doubt are locked.). If you were successful, it does not remove any accounts or data and will not unlock anything encrypted or otherwise password protected.