Machine Gun Concepts

This is for posting pictures of Non-Chain-Fed machine guns that anyone has thought of, and to discuss the designs. So far Oodalumps' is the only one who has created a Non-Chain-Fed machine gun, which is good, but the ammo is fired vertically, reducing range and power. The other type of Non-Chain-Fed machine gun is the Gatling gun, but it has a low magazine capacity. Perfect Duck's machine gun was almost perfect (could you post some pics if you rebuild it?), except that it was bulky. Below is a picture of a gun I am working on.

Picture of Machine Gun Concepts
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Ojsmudge5 years ago
Has anyone tried to make a gun using spinning wheels like a tennis ball launcher or a cricket bowling machine
i did see my design i used 2 spinning wheels with a stopping bar so it only turns when i want it to
GASSYPOOTS5 years ago
i made one simmilar to the dising im about to show but can someone improve it?

rubber band gun.png
ashchetm9 years ago
there is a very fast motor from a dragaster set i got long agao, and i was thinking of makeing a camshaft that pushed the bullets out of the gun, probly even weeker than odulmps gun tho also another idea, a crossbow sorta thing. rubber bands streched between to parallel chains that are cliped on something untill the last seceond where they hit a bullet , a stronger gun of course
gotja9 years ago
thats kinda like my idea i was gonna use bbs and have the knex moter that i have and use it and have some sorta auto cocking thing to shoot
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Wouldn't this thread be more appropriate in one of the groups? It'll still be seen in All and might get a better response.
Whaleman (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
Ya, I accidentally added it to all.
HBF9 years ago
I dont get those chain mechanism guns. Too confusing
Whaleman (author)  HBF9 years ago
Well, the chainguns are actually simple, It is a bunch of little block triggers that are set off by something like a rod on the inside of the gun.
phlorgan HBF9 years ago
must take ages to load the chain...
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