Macworld 2008: What do you think?

Macbook Air, faux-GPS on the iPhone, $20 for an iPod Touch upgrade, apple TV 2, movie downloads. A lot of stuff was announced today.

What do you guys thing about it?

My only thoughts are that I wish that apple would put the multitouch feature into the Macbooks and Macbook Pros. I am also going to get an iPhone now that it has the location stuff in Google maps. I still wish it had GPS though. Also, with the Time Capsule announced there won't be as much need for an application that a friend and I made to do the exact same thing with any network drive. Check it out here, iTimemachine. We also have a couple other apps so look at those too!

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110100101108 years ago
i wish they were more like flexible and hack / diy enabled i wish they'd not be locking to their other stuff i wish their operating system would be more simple to use (for now its the most complicated system i saw ever) my way of computing is pc with linux and kde 4. my portable devices are chinese untitled cheapies that just work and nothing above that i prefer to build my computers myself from second hand parts (or parts from trash) and not buy them in shiny packages
ferrari4848 years ago
i think about a iMAC
Windows eXtra Problems
crestind9 years ago
Apple is probably the only company that can successfully sell anything like the Macbook Air, due to the reality distortion. If any other company sold the same thing, it would be shunned for its deficiencies that everyone overlooks on the Air. Looks good, but seemed kind of boring this year.
Einsteins Circuitry (author)  crestind9 years ago
Ya. If any other company tried to sell a ultra-portable laptop like the Air, it would do terribly. The Air is meant for a person that travels a lot.
sugg229 years ago
i think it was a little too much for them to release all of this in one day. but i really love my MacBook. I've had it only five months, and its amazing. the Air's true purpose is, in my opinion, to be a true laptop - not just a notebook that you use as a desktop most of the time, but as a true, on-the-go laptop. i'm a little skeptical about the whole wireless disk downloads, and that would really annoy me due to the fact that i currently have about 260 cds worth of music stored on my computer, and to do that wirelessly would be a bitch.
Einsteins Circuitry (author)  sugg229 years ago
I could never get by without an optical drive. The Air is meant for a traveler that travels alot.

PS: Is it possible for them to release too much in one day? :D
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
I wish their laptops were cheaper.
True. I've never bought an Apple computer because of the price. I always made my own PCs. For the last 1.5 years I've been working on Apple computers for work, though. I think the next one I buy will have a little apple on it.
For desktops, mine is custom built, but for a laptop I don't want a machine with the "windows tax" on it.
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