Mad Max your ride + ROAD TRIP!! = Wasteland Weekend

Hey guys! This September I plan to drive from the Austin Texas area to California City, California for Wasteland Weekend, a big old Mad Max / Fallout / PAW styled bash in the desert. I'm currently going for a Lone Ranger meets Zorro in a Mad Max car look to my costume, but now my attention turns to my car, and my chariot of carnage: 1990 Chevrolet Corvette.

What's some cool non permanent stuff I can do to my car? It is fiberglass, so unfortunately magnets won't stick. The car already has faded, shoddy grey paint, so that is a plus.

Also, any general road tripping advice? it's about 3k miles round trip. at highway cruise I average 27 mpg, but I'm making my fuel consumption estimates on 20 mpg.

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How did your weekend go?

I was thinking if you want a real mad max looking car, the closes thing you have to a falcon coupé in the states is a 1970-71 Torino. they are a very similar looking car and as they changed the front bumper, grill and headlights for the film you could get it very close to the mad max coupé. It would make a good instructable.

sking473 years ago

hey, so the front end is fiber glass, as a thought try and find a trashed one from a junk yard, put it on then bolt crazy stuff to it, will yiou be making it to WW14?

KentsOkay (author)  sking473 years ago

Ive got my ticket in hand, I do plan on making it out to WW14!

Kiteman3 years ago

You *can* use magnets, if you put a lump of steel inside the bodywork.

I remember the later films added "turbines" to the cars. You could dress up a barrel in plumbing scraps to look like a jet engine, then wedge it in your open trunk.

You could build a cage out of PVC, paint it to look like rusted steel, and fit it around your car, parts or the whole car.

sking47 Kiteman3 years ago

also check out the forums and the facebook pages for groups that live it

KentsOkay (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

A turbine booster would be awesome!

put a pretty sweet brush guard on the front of it.

KentsOkay (author)  thematthatter3 years ago

Yeah, I'm going to try and make it out of PVC painted up to look like metal