Mag release for Shadowninja31's MP5K

Built it, and read a comment of someone complaining about how there was no mag release... I felt like I could make one for shadowninja31, and without his consent, I did... might put up instructions (pretty easy to build) but this time I'll wait for shadowninja31's permission :) 

Yes it isn't quite a "mag release" as it is more along the lines of a "mag removal helper" 

just download the video under the picture bar :)

I don't know how to use youtube, and furthermore, don't have time... 

Link to his MP5K: 

Picture of Mag release for Shadowninja31's MP5K
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Sure Post! I'll put it in my ible with your name.
osi (author)  shadowninja317 years ago
Hey its up!
Im gonna put the mag release up on mine. There will be a link to the other parts as well.
osi (author)  shadowninja317 years ago
I appreciate it!
I'm actually just putting a link to it with a pic.
osi (author)  shadowninja317 years ago
Yea I saw, but still I appreciate it!
osi (author)  osi7 years ago
saw it*
osi (author)  shadowninja317 years ago
Sweet! I'll try to get it done before school starts... one week... sigh... if not I'll do it in-between Homework and Soccer practice/games...
Cool! I start on Monday..... :(
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