Magic The gathering Mosaic!!

for those people that arent familar with magic cards they are collecter as well as playing cards that you can collect and what i intend to make a mosaic out of the art from these cards.

the idea is a 29 by 47 tile mosaic (of a face) which will probably be rather big, the tiles will be approx 2 1/16 inches (5.24 cm) by 1 9/16 inches (3.97 cm)  so that will make the whole art work about 1.52m by 1.87m.

so there will be the tiles all creating this picture and then i want to put a clear plastic sheet over the top (havent decided if i want it pivoted at the top of to have it completely stuck down but it is not really the problem).

I would like to know of suitable methods for glueing each of the tiles as well as what to glue them too as well as bracing of the art to keep it straight and flat and all that, be it made of wood or anything nothing is a problem metal to some extent but yeah any ideas because what i have so far is the tiles ready to be cut and no way to stick them and no idea what to stick them too.

any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance :)

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Rebreg5 years ago
defacing MTG card , you monster.
For your backer, either cement board or 3/4" plywood on a wooden frame should work, just make sure to stabilize and level the seam with bracing. Unfortunately, the size of the piece will require that there is a seam somewhere. If you could make it a little smaller, it would fit on a standard sheet of plywood (4' x8') without seams.
To glue it down, tile mastic applied with a notched trowel is your best bet. Construction adhesive would also work. Both of these are available at home improvement centers for a reasonable price. If you're grouting  between the tiles, I highly recommend picking up some of the little plus-shaped plastic spacers to ensure even spacing.
Wozzaman (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
Woh :D rightio so yeah i think ill go with cement board cuase the size of it is as small as it can go as if it is any smaller you just wont be able to pick out the face and ill just go around my mates and find someone that can help me with the bracing but yeah thanks for that.

Glueing down, tile mastic is is for ceramic tiles aint it? my tiles are playing cards so i dont know how well it would work, Construction adhesive im not to familiar with but had a google of it and it looks like it comes in a tube, is the stuff easily spread out or does it resemble string in a sense? and yeah no grout as well speaks for itself with cards, thank you for the comments. would i need to prepare the backs of the cards for them to stick or somthing or will the adhesive work right away?
Oh, I thought you were transferring the card art to real tiles. Easily done with a scanner and some specially treated paper...
 Forget everything I said. You can use much lighter weight materials than cement board, and construction adhesive would totally be overkill. I'd suggest a 1/4" plywood backer (still framed to prevent warping) and spray adhesive (3M Super 77 or similar). You can just spray the adhesive onto the backer and lay the cards into place. No additional prep required.
Kiteman7 years ago
Rather than forever imprison your cards, why not use small pieces of blu-tac to create your mosaic on the wall?

Wozzaman (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Eh the cards that i  picked were ones that are essentially worthless so its not really to much of a worry to imprison them :P the only problem with blu-tac is it is for a friend and also blue tack can still fall off where i would prefer for noone to be able to take them off my finished piece, but yeah if it was mine i probably would use blu-tac, thanks