Magna Doodle with adult design?

Hi, I want to buy a Magna Doodle and hang it in my room, to write notes on. Now I always use little square papers, but I always have piles of those papers everywhere and with a Magna Doodle I don't use paper so it is greener.
But does any of you know if there is a Magna Doodle or something similar from a different manufacturer that has a more adult design?
If not I'll just try to adjust one.

Picture of Magna Doodle with adult design?
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I took some of the printed designed duc tape they have all over the market now....taped out a huge square on my workshop wall with that and got a can of the chalkboard spray paint and made an at home chalkboard, I use that as my guide to get things done and toddle down other ideas that come to mind when working. It's saved me a lot of post it notes that i typically end of loosing half of anyway, and I don't ever have to search for a pen any longer...I tapped a big stick of chalk on the wall next to my board.

Toga_Dan2 years ago

although its kinda possible to erase 1 or 2 letters on a mdoodl, using the little stamps, it isnt a perfect erasure in my exp. i'd like to see a bettr solution for times u wanna erase a letter or a word without clearin th whole screen.

Triclaw3 years ago

I believe that the magnadoodle is set up with cells of titanium white with black iron oxide behind it with a laminator or a vacuum sealer you may be able to make on the small cells would be hard to get but may be able to be done with a heated stamp

ranjitp3 years ago

Hi I am looking for a recipe of making a giant magna doodle myself. Any luck with your research? In case yes, please do post or mail. Need some help here :(

Kryptonite7 years ago
I always have a white board in my room, which keeps all my notes in a paper free way.
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$35 LCD based one, looks pretty cool:
crapflinger7 years ago
the magnadoodle is basically just a robust woolly Willie if memory serves correct, all of the external shell is just to make it appeal to a kid and make it easier to hold. just remove all of the plastic casing and build one of your own in a contemporary style or however you want. or get a can of chalk board paint
Kiteman crapflinger7 years ago
+1, and don't forget to post the Instructable.
Cartuner557 years ago
Well, all I can think of is using an Dry-Erase marker and board instead, but your idea is more green. Good luck on the search!