Magnet strength for DIY VAWT


does anyone know if it is better to get stronger magnets for a DIY turbine? Is it always better, or only to a certain degree?

elmejor06 (author) 7 years ago
OK, so im quite a newbie on this subject: what is flux saturation? so if i can choose between a magnet that can lift 12 kilos and one that lifts 29 it would generally be better to get the one that lifts 29 right?
lemonie7 years ago

Stronger = better.

PKM lemonie7 years ago
Flux saturation if your coils have cores? Flux saturation at all? Diminishing returns when stronger magnets cost 10X as much but produce 1% more power?
lemonie PKM7 years ago

It depends what you're comparing doesn't it. (no design was mentioned here...)