Magnets in the Microwave, can you do it?

So does anyone know if you can put a magnet in the microwave? Will it cause some nuclear explosion, or rocket me back into time? Or will it just stay on my mug and witness the warming of my beverage?

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Dr. dB4 years ago
No, microwaving a magnet won't send you back in time... that's only if you Xerox a mirror! (Then, to get back to the future, you have to microwave instant coffee or commit some other act of flagrant redundancy.)
Eyespicks9 years ago
Sorry guys its not that dramatic. A magnet in a microwave will cause more damage to the magnet than the microwave. Seriously. Metals in a microwave are ill advised only because it ruins food. You can do some interesting things to metal with a microwave. As far as magnets go: Magnets attract and absorb the microwave radiation given off from a magnetron. Most all metals reflect microwave radiation, yet when magnetized they do the exact opposite. Magnets heat up extremely quick in a microwave and they get extremely hot as well. Anyone who knows a bit about magnets can tell you that when they get hot they loose their polarity. As the metal heats up the poles become less defined and as it cools down again the poles tend to loose coherence. You can try this at home by sticking a small magnet to the side of your microwave. With a few minutes of cooking the magnet will simply fall off. Because they attract and absorb microwaves so well you can use them to smelt metals. Try putting two small magnets on either side of a penny (make sure there smaller than the penny and that the penny isn't solid copper). Nuke em and shortly the penny will ooze like a gusher. I can do it in under two minutes with a 1.5kw microwave.
I could put a magnet in a microwave. It's not a good idea though. :)
like sticking refrigerator magnets to your computer box or monitor is not a good idea.....only the microwave may do more than just "stop working". :-)


Very possible... or at least

Pzzzzztttzzzzz fzzzzt


Punkergal (author) 9 years ago
Wow. See? Instructables saved my life. I have one of those commuter mugs that is rigged up so you can slide a picture or something between the two walls of the cup...I have a really cool kinda flexible elephant magnet I wanted to slide in...but I microwave it, so nevermind...I guess I'll just be satisfied with it on my fridge...Thanks for all your info, everyone!!
you could scan the magnet, and print it so you could put it in the mug.... just an idea if you really want to have it in it.
At very least, it saved you from damaging the microwave. I mean, as someone stated below, if the magnet was very weak, there is a small chance that nothing would happen (with enough "food/water" in the mug) but it sure would not be worth it to ruin a good microwave over, just to find out.
Punkergal (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Well...The microwave is great, I wish I didn't use it as much as I do, but it was the magnet I was worried about. It's one-of-a-kind. I got lucky microwaving a hologram sticker, but felt I should get a second opinion on the magnet. Thanks for your info! *I never thought I would be putting such strange things in the microwave...
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