Magpul PDR

Here's a project Trauts and I are working on. Trauts still has to fine tune my version. I was actually only going to build the back and firing mechanism and leave the front to trauts and have him mod whatever needed. I just added a front on for the heck of it. Here's what the PDR is
I had a video but it wasn't working so I'll just have to explain some of the features for now. This version wasn't made for looks but just to show off the trigger, magazine, and mag release. So understand that this is by far not the final version.
Alright to explain some of the features now:
- I made a quick adapter for rail accessories from airsoft and maybe real firearms. The adapter can then attach to my K'nex rail. I used this very low quality red dot scope for an example. I wish I had batteries for it so I could at least use it as something more than a viewfinder.
-The trigger is complicated looking but it's pretty basic. I took my old bullpup trigger (could probably be used to all kinds of bullpup weapons) and modified it a little so that I wouldn't need such a long barrel. To do this I brought down what normally would be the part you'd pull and placed that early and then made a sliding trigger that pushes that part back. It's actually pretty reliable.
-The magazine is a somewhat new design (that or hardly ever used) that is really close in size to real STANAG magazines. The real version doesn't used curved magazines but I decided to make a curved magazine anyways to demonstrate how to make a gently curving magazine for guns like the Magpul Masada. You can lock the mag pusher down if you're using a weak enough rubber band.
-The mag release isn't what's used on the real one but it would be impossible to make one like that. This is pretty simple but very effective. It's just a little lever switch that you pull back and the magazine will pop out. You put the magazine in firmly and you should be able to hear it click. It's rock solid when locked into place. I'll show you pictures of it later.

Picture of Magpul PDR
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I don't know why, but after all this time, I am still madly in love with your version of the Magpul PDR.
Knex.X4 years ago
Why don't you try to adapt seleziona's skorpion 2.0's mech? You'll have to make a clever trigger though.
Knex.X5 years ago
Eye candy, if the pin wasn't sticking out of the gun, I would've built it.
TheDunkis (author)  Knex.X5 years ago
Eh, it was something I hoped to fix at some point. If I were to remake it, I'd make it an internal slingshot most likely.
SumRndmGuy5 years ago
i know this is like 2 years to late =p...but do u have the trigger mech for this///im trying to make a bullpup style trigger...and its not going so great...
TheDunkis (author)  SumRndmGuy5 years ago
Sorry for the late reply, but yeah, this trigger is pretty simple. I loved it because it could be easily built for any length for weapons with the same body shape. What do you want exactly? It doesn't matter how it's built really as long as you make the blocker, swivel, and trigger, and then connect them.
ok thank you
Hey, may I use the front grip part in my own PDR? (I made a model, and used your front grip, If I post I'll give you credits for that part)
TheDunkis (author)  dr. richtofen5 years ago
Of course. I didn't even think it was that great when I first made it. =P Now that I think of it, I really want to remake the PDR. I had an attempt going where I was actually measuring a picture of the real PDR and scaling everything, but I got bored of it, probably had another idea in mind. And that was before I got more pieces. Now that I have pieces, I could probably make my own model, but I was thinking maybe making a repeating slingshot, which I'd need more orange connectors for probably.
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