Make Blog seeking Instructables Stories

Make is looking for Instructable-related stories and experiences that you have yet to tell the world for sharing on the venerable Make Blog.

Gareth Branwyn writes:

We at Maker Media are thrilled to announce that we're going to be doing a Best of Instructables, Volume 1. As part of the book, we want to get the Instructables community involved in choosing some of their favorite projects. (...) We're also looking for build experiences and stories surrounding Instructables projects. If you built a project and have some thoughts about it (that you've yet to post to the project's page) or an interesting story about an Instructable (it got you a date, got your arrested, helped you survive for days in the Australian outback, made you a hero in the eyes of your kids, etc.) please send them to me, gareth (, or you can also post them here in the comments.


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Keith-Kid9 years ago
T shirt for Goodhart!!! Tshirt for Goodhart!!!
I second that.
I third that!
I fourth!...ify....inate...timate.....that!
I fifthify that!
Gjdj3 xACIDITYx9 years ago
I sixthify that!
Keith-Kid Gjdj39 years ago
(Sixthificate actually)
Gjdj3 Keith-Kid9 years ago
Haha, thanks for the update.
I seventh that!
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