Make Fireworks, RFID Pet Feeder, LED Jellyfish Costume...

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Sept. 13, 2007
Welcome back!

iRobot Create Challenge has just finished up with over a dozen cool and we're still seeing some cool Launch It! Challenge entries come in on top of the usual cool projects. Check them out!
Halloween LED Jellyfish Costume
Using LED rope lights and a plastic washing basin to create a deep sea bioluminescent jellyfish thing.
posted by deadinsect on Sep 11, 2007
How to Make a RFID Pet Food Feeder
Make sure dogs aren't stealing food with an RFID alarm.
posted by mlarsen on Sep 5, 2007
Creative Discontent: Squalk (Squirt Chalk)
Non-destructive communication tool for mass public discourse. Erasable graffiti at its finest.
posted by pdip_stiffi on Sep 9, 2007
How to Make Monkey Bread
The ultimate finger-licking, finger-picking dessert of all time. Soft balls of dough, coated in a cinnamon sugar crust of sweet goodness.
posted by trebuchet03 on Sep 9, 2007
Colossal Cannon: Building a Behemoth Piston-Valved Pneumatic Launcher
Sometimes you think to yourself, "Hmm...I wonder just how far I can hurl stuff, maybe even into the next county."
posted by DeusXMachina on Sep 9, 2007

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How to Make Fireworks
Learn how to make your own aerial shell and wow the neighbors.
posted by on Sep 7, 2007
eyeRobot - The Robotic White Cane
How to hack an iRobot to guide blind and visually impaired users through cluttered and populated environments.
posted by shrimpy on Sep 8, 2007
Piano-wire Slingshot
A small but powerful slingshot made using 1mm gauge piano-wire and ordinary rubber bands.
posted by chluaid on Sep 9, 2007
Gliding/Floating Laptop Dock
A floating laptop dock that moves back and forth, eliminating the need to station the laptop on your lap.
posted by Romado12187 on Sep 8, 2007
How To Build A Pit Oven (And Cook A Salmon)
Learn to do a little backwoods cooking with a pit oven.
posted by Mr. Nova on Sep 11, 2007
Now go build something awesome, and I'll see you next week!