Make US websites think your in the US?

I have a problem, im in South Korea but i would like to watch King of the Hill on Fox says i cant because im not located in the US. Other cartoon sites say the same thing. Is there a way i can change my computer settings so i can watch my favorite American Cartoons?

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ll.139 years ago
You can try routing through an American proxy, but the connection speed will be MUCH slower..... another way is to download (if it's tv cartoons?) them from the BitTorrent network.....
thematthatter (author)  ll.139 years ago
sorry my comment is tardy i was busy last week. i did try the proxy but it was too slow on some sites and it didnt work well with cookies or something like that on other sites bittorrent seems logical but somebody (i think my ISP) keeps kicking my computer off the internet when i use it
For bittorrent, try using encryption (under Speed Guide in uTorrent) ...
thematthatter (author)  ll.139 years ago
i did that and also had the use random port opon startup and it would go up to 180kps and slowly fall back to 0. i did find one that works but it doest have the features i liked in utorrent
Ack, that sucks. :-/
thematthatter (author)  ll.139 years ago
our ISP is great theyll also kick off vonage because it "competes" with their VOIP
I agree with ll.13, try a proxy from an american site.
If you check out my instructable there are a few links in the last step on how watch tv off one of the illegal sites. Those sites won't care I imagine.