Make Video Games Group: What's your favorite Microchip?

I started a new group. In the near future I hope and plan to write some video games for Microchips (PICs or other microcontrollers) such that the chip is connected to a joystick and a video monitor. I do not write PC games. I would like to know what chips are popular and cheap and easy to program for you so that any games I write would be easy for you to Make. I have a Hydra/Propeller and a PIC programmer. It is my impression that PICs are cheap and popular... compared to AVR's and such. I used to write games in the 1980's and miss that hobby. What chips do you suggest are good to write games for? What I mean is, what chips can you program; I would like you to be able to Make and play any that I or others write! Use "Rickard Gunee PIC Tetris" as a typical example of the "console", (but expect more interesting games, if any!) which will be on a breadboard, or on the Hydra Game System i got at Make Store. So tell me, What's your favorite PIC chip?

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royalestel10 years ago
Dude, what games did you program?
VIRON (author)  royalestel10 years ago
I haven't programmed any lately, although many in the 1980s for 8-bit machines. I didn't write those hydra games below. I'm planning to write some hydra and PIC games in the near future as I learn the new hardware and get back into the hobby.
VIRON (author)  VIRON10 years ago
I'm currently starting to work on a modernized version of this 3D game which I made in the early 1980's on an ATARI 400, only this time for HYDRA and/or PIC... (Just for the challenge and practice.) The picture is crappy because it's barely framegrabbed from a dusty old VHS video of it from way back then.
yourcat VIRON8 years ago
3D on a PIC? I'm speechless!
VIRON (author)  VIRON9 years ago
UPDATE:In a day I half finished the Hydra version, starting with a random line drawing demo...
Good job! That was fast. Now the hard part; refinement.
VIRON (author)  royalestel9 years ago
Thanks... I also posted this on the parallax hydra forum and announced plans to use my Pandora's Box algorithms for sound and fractal texturesand raycasting, ... if possible. And I'm continuing to ponder what will make this game more fun to play. It was advanced stuf 25 years ago. The sound is possible, and already working! I'm just lacking a graphics function that I'm working on for a raycaster.
Sure you want to do raycasting? Might be cheaper to fake it. Specular edges would also give any 3d objects you create more solidity. Wish I could playtest to give you feedback.
VIRON (author)  royalestel9 years ago
Might be "cheaper"? I just have to figure out and type in a function. If I can't then I'll do it the original old way. What is a specular edge? When the game is playable I'll post it. Right now it's only testing code.
Cheaper in terms of processing power. But you know what? I don't know what your old method was, so my comment was basically ignorant and useless. Sorry about that.

As for specular edges, that just means shiny. Shiny edges or rounded or beveled edges that catch light all make computer 3d images seem more solid. I know you're working with a limited platform, though, so that probably doesn't apply either. Would be fun though! Check out Paul Debevec's old Microsoft Word project.
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