Make a Guitar Amp from Old Computer Speakers..How?

I saw this video on youtube:

And I was wondering how he made that. So my question is, do any of you know hoe to make one of these? Or have you seen plans on how to do it?

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yoyology5 years ago
I've been researching this very same question. The difficulty lies in matching the impedance of the guitar pickup's output with the expected "line-in" level of your standard computer speaker system (or your home stereo receiver, etc.)

The solution I plan to use is to build this simple buffer circuit to provide impedance-matching:

Eventually, I hope to produce a dual-purpose portable amp that can be used as a guitar practice amp or as a speaker system for an mp3 player, cellphone, what have you. When I post the instructable, I'll link it here. 
What did you use for a preamp?
naw duder8 years ago
 most batteries beside 9volts and those tiny watch batteries are rated at 1.6 volts  
anyone know if its possible to rig up a computer speaker amp to run off a 9 volt battery? was trying to make my own portable mini amp similar to the cigarette pack amps out there
look at the wallwart and tell me the volt output and the current output (mA)
i don't have the speakers yet, was just going to get some at goodwill. thought i'd do a little research first see if its even possible since i know nothing about the subject. should i look for speakers with 9 volt output? any particular mA better than another for this application? thanks for the help
i guess you use standard grey rectangular hifi speakers or something like that if they use external power supply there should be written how mouch volts they take if they use internal txformer then check if the volts are written on it. if no then measure. 6 V is a good guess if its something between 9 - 15 V its ok if its lower you should get the correct voltage with AA batteries instead (stack them in a pipe) i recommend to use AAs anyway cause they work much better the wires that came from the input / txformer go to the battery + -
ok. i got some 15v speakers, you think 2 AAs will be enough to power it? the plug for the transformer is soldered directly to the circuit board. any easy way hook up the battery pack? i don't have the cord but could prob find one
you probably can open them and wrap wires to something inside if you give photos maybe i / some1 can find where exactly the speakers are likelo to work ok on 9 - 15 V. thats 6 - 10 AAs the way i connect AAs is stack them in a pipe or cable rail and connect from the ends
batboy61490 (author) 10 years ago
I finaly made one, but when ever i replace the speaker with an output jack everything goes fuzzy, so I might just turn it into a practice amp.
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