Make a banner for cheap ?

I'd like to make banners for a fundraising event.
I have a 60cm plotter I'd like to use with a pen to do the strokes, something I've already done in the past, but the problem is not here.
After that, I'd like to fill the stroke region, like letters and logos, but I don't want to use 10 marker pens just for one letter, do you know what I could use to make nice, cheap and fast fillings ?

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danibees3 years ago

I hope this is an appropriate place to ask, but what would you all recommend as color filler on canvas drop cloth as a surface? I was thinking acrylic craft paints would work, but I'm taking these out to the heat of the desert and I am worried the acrylic paint would crack and chip off.

zieak danibees3 years ago

I have found that enamel paints that are available at any paint or hardware store work quite well on fabrics.

danibees zieak3 years ago

That sounds like an excellent idea. I will start raiding the OOPS! shelves now. :)

Kiteman3 years ago

Draw the outline, then paint the inside.

Anykey (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

The Outline will be made by the Plotter , the problem is to paint the inside, I want to make it the fastest, cheapest and the almost same tone everywhere, what paint/ink/marker should I use ?

Kiteman Anykey3 years ago

It depends what you are painting on - paper, plastic, fabric?

Anykey (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

it's going to be on paper. But I'm also interested to know what would be good for fabric and plastic.

You could perhaps fill in the letters with the fabric maybe?

Kiteman Anykey3 years ago

Most paints will cover paper nicely, and I've had success on fabric with ordinary poster paints.

A gewd size paper banner about 2'x12' would make a GREAT party banner!